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20 psi

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Q: How much force does it typically take to bruise the human body?
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Related questions

What is a bruise and what causes them?

A bruise is a mark on the human body inside or out. What causes them are injuries.

How does mass affect g force on the human body?

As the mass of a human body increases, so does the g-force exhibited on the human body.

Why does the body bruise without pain?

heart bruise

How has the human body changed to the force of gravity on earth over time?

The force of gravity is a constant over time. The human body has NOT changed in response to this force. If you look at ancient human remains their skeletons are the same as modern day human skeletons.

Which human body system creates bruises?

A bruise is a haemorrhage under the skin, so it would be the circulatory system that forms them.

What is the Study of internal body?

Typically, it would relate to human physiology.Typically, it would relate to human physiology.Typically, it would relate to human physiology.Typically, it would relate to human physiology.Typically, it would relate to human physiology.Typically, it would relate to human physiology.

Can your body still bruise even if your dead?

No, the heart needs to be pumping for you to bruise.

What forces are in the human body?

gravitational force

What would 3 tons of force do to the human body?

This is completely dependent on the distribution of that force.

How do parasites leave the human body?

typically through fecal matter

Is getting hit the only reason you would get blood bruises on body?

A blood bruise is different from a regular bruise. A regular bruise results from some force striking the area. For example, I fell, hit my knee, and got a bruise. A blood bruise results from blood leaking out of a capillary because of pressure on the capillary. For example, sucking the skin, or what's called a hickie / hickey, brings blood to the skin surface. The blood makes every pore into a red dot. Squeezing a pimple or pinching can have the same result.

The human body typically begins to be colonized by its normal flora when?

before birth

Where is the lumbar vertebrae in the human body?

There are typically five lumbar vertebrae in the human body. They are located inferiorly to the thoracic vertebrae, and superior to the sacrum, at the base of the spinal column.

How much force can a human body generate?

A lot, depending on the type of application and the strength of the body.

What is a bruise and what causes the different colors?

A bruise is in medicine called a contusion. A bruise occurs when force injures the small blood vessels, capillaries. Blood leaks out of capillaries into the tissue. This initially causes the skin to turn a dark black or blue or some mixture. This deep, dark coloring signifies the bruise is fresh or new. But the body immediately begins repairs. Macrophages zoom to the area to do clean up, which causes heat at the site, so a bruise might feel warmer than regular skin. The circulatory system sends in more blood flow to promote healing. As macrophages eat up debris, and the body reabsorbs blood/debris from the tissue, the bruise begins to change to a rainbow of colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, etc. These colors begin to lighten into pastels. When you see a multicolored bruise that looks like it is spreading or getting bigger, and multi-colored or pastel, it is a sign of an old bruise, not new. Within 7-10 days the body has done much of the work, and the bruise has faded or healed.

What is the driving force behind gas exchange in the human body?


What is the strongest muscle in the human body in terms of exerting force?


Can massage dissolve hemtoma of muscle?

NO! The body has its own way of healing a bruise. If someone has a bruise - do not massage it!!

We human beings are surrounded by air so why don't we get smashed because of atmospheric pressure?

Pressure differentials are a cause of structural movement. Since the human body's internal pressure is basically that of atmospheric pressure, the human body experiences no change in structure. When the human body is exposed to vacuum pressure such as in space, the human bodies pressure would exert a force greater than that of the vacuum resulting in the human body to expand...(and explode ). When submerged beneath the ocean at great depths, the human body's internal pressure would not be enough to "push" against the force of the water and would implode...

How do you bruise yourself?

You can bruise yourself by knocking or hitting a body part. It does not have to be hit hard - just enough to burst a blood vessel beneath the skin.

How many lumbar vertebrae are in the human body?

5 Typically five but that can vary from four to six.

Can the human body use protein for energy instead of carbohydrates?

Yes. Typically in anaerobic metabolism.

Why do you get a scab after a bruise?

A bruise is a discoloration just under the skin. You should not have any opening in a bruise unless you also got a cut. Therefore, a typical bruise should not create a scab. A scab only occurs when the body needs to heal a cut or opening.

How do muscles help the human body?

the whole body is covered with mucles. muscles help the body to move. once force is applied to the muscles the body moves. just like im applying force to my finger muscles to type!

How hot can human urine be?

It's will be body temperature, which is typically 98.6°F; if the person is running a fever, then the urine will still be the temperature of the body.