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How much fuel does a cruise ship use?

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== Dollars and Cents== To put it in perspective, the fleet of U.S. flagged ships sailing interisland Hawaiian cruises (spending 96 hours of the week idle in port) run a price tag of nearly $250,000 a week to fuel each vessel, lifeboats and tender boats. These ships range from about 70,000 tons - 93.000 tons. Most cruise ships are at sea much more than this, and use more fuel from week to week. Much depends on itinerary, sea conditions, weight and other variables. It depends on how large the cruise ship is, what weight it carries (other than passengers) etc. It can be less than 80,000 gallons or more.

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How many tons of fuel does a cruise ship use in a day?

On average, a large cruise ship can use up to 250 tons of fuel per day, which is around 80,000 gallons.

The average cruise ship burns approximately 1 gallon of fuel to move just six inches.?

That is a question that cannot be answered exactly. Different cruise ships of different sizes use different amounts of fuel. I can tell you that there are some cruise ships that use no fuel. There are several large cruise ships that are powered by sails.

What kind of fuel do cruise ship use?

Actually its is a heavy fuel oil, petroleum-based fuel which contains the undistilled residue from atmospheric or vacuum distillation of crude oil.

How much for a small cruise ship use in fuel?

The amount of fuel used by Cruise Ships will vary. It depends on their size. The Queen Victoria Cruise Ship can load upto 3000 tons of fuel. The 3000 tons are considered to be heavy fuel type. These ocean liners can also carry over 140 tons of gas oil. Typically the amount taken up will be 12 tons every 60 minutes. On average it uses up to 300 gallons to the mile. The burnout rate is between 50 to 100 tons every day depending on the model. . This applies to the typical cruise ship. Larger ships can carry much more. Hope this helps.

What fuel does a big ship use?

It depends on the type of engines that the ship has, but most large cargo and container ships use heavy fuel oil called bunker fuel. In some cruise ships, they burn bunker fuel to spin electric generators that produce electricity for motors. Smaller vessels use various types of Diesel.

What is the fuel consumption of a large cargo ship?

A 600' Oil Tanker will use about 8,800 gallons of Bunker C per day at cruise speed.

How much food does a cruise ship use?

A 2,600 passenger ship will use in a week: 14,000 lbs of Beef 4,000 lbs. of Fish 22,000 Eggs Just to name a few

How much fuel does a Cessna 172RG burn?

They use about 8 gallons per hour in cruise flight.

What type of fuel is used to run cruise ships?

Most cruise ships use Heavy Fuel oil, also called Bunker C fuel.

How far does a cruise ship travel on one gallon of gas?

You wouldn't even be able to just start up the engine on that ... Cruise ships use fuel sometimes in the category of 100's of gallons per hour.

How much fuel does a cargo ship use?

A very high amount of fuel is used for each cargo ship. On average, they burn through one gallon of fuel for every 45 feet that they travel.

Who are cruise visitors?

''Cruise Visitors'' are a term that tourism boards and merchants in a cruise ship's port of call use to refer to passengers visiting their area by cruise ship.

Why the titanic famous?

It was the first cruise ship to sink and use SOS.

What kind of fuel do cruise ships use?

If the ship has a steam engine (very rare nowadays) it would likely use Bunker C. If it is a motor vessel (diesel engine), it would use either IFO (intermediate fuel oil) and/or MDO (marine diesel oil).

What is the use of Cruise control?

Reduces fatigue and can improve fuel economy.

What fuel does a ship use?

Depends on the ship. Most use fuel oil for a diesel engine. Some use heavy oil for a steam engine. Some used coal, and some use uranium as fuel for a nuclear reactor.

What should a cruise ship have?

Facilities that the passengers could use such as recreational area: swimming pool, restaurants and bars, casino, sports area. A cruise ship should also have a great crew. This includes crews from service department to security department. They will make sure that the small community with in the cruise ship will function all through out the cruise itinerary.

How much fuel does a ship use?

Simple answering is not possible as so many factors affecting the consumption of fuel in a ship viz Engine output, engine type, engine, model, engine manufacturer, additional facilities, passenger or goods carrying ship.

How much fuel an hour does a cargo ship use?

Obviously it depends of the size of the ship, of its speed and of the type of engine. For instance a new 220m long container ship, sailing at 23 knots, uses about 3 or 4 tons of heavy fuel an hour.

Can you use a cell phone while on a cruise ship on the ocean?

Yes. If you have Verizon they have something calledCruise Ship Coverage. it cost 2.49 per min to use the phone. this is available on all cruise lines if you have Verizon and a CDMA capable phone such as a blackberry.

What online travel agencies could you use to book a cheap cabin on a Princess cruise ship?

A person could book a cheap cabin on a Princess cruise ship through the website CruiseCheap. The websites Travelocity and CruiseDirect also offer discounts for cruise vacations.

How much fuel does a 777 use per minute?

That will depend on cruise altitude and Mach speed setting. Typical cruise will be around 13000 pounds per hour; roughly 31 gallons per minute.

How do most tourists come to the Bahamas?

Many come by boat or cruise ship; however, there are airports in the Bahamas that tourists can use. A cruise would be the most comfortable tourist option.

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