How much fuel will be needed in a rocket?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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How much fuel will be needed in a rocket will depend on the size of the rocket and where it is going. A rocket that will be traveling into space burns a lot of fuel and will need enough to keep it in orbit for teh desired time.

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Q: How much fuel will be needed in a rocket?
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How much fuel needed to get to the moon?

how much fuel is needed to get to the moon in a rocket

How much fuel is needed for a rocket?


How much fuel does a rocket carry?

A large rocket holds a lot of fuel, a small rocket holds less.

Where is the solid fuel rocket on a rocket?

At the very bottom is the nozzle, after that is the fuel. Depending on how big the rocket is and how much fuel it needs determines the size of the chamber

How much rocket fuel is needed to send a rocket into space?

It depends upon the weight of the total vehicle and the payload combined (including the fuel, which needs to be carried upward too). For more information, see the link below the ads. The Saturn V can carry 385.6 tonnes of propellant according to pg 244 in "The Rocket: The History and Development of Rocket & Missile Technology"

How much gasoline is 5625000 pounds of rocket fuel?

How much energy is in one gallon of gas, compare this to quantity of energy in one gallon of rocket fuel, voila, your answer!!!

Which requires less fuel launching a rocket from the earth or space?

Earth has gravity so less fuel is needed to move a rocket in space(assume that you mean escape from earth's gravitational field by"from earth")

Are the solid fuel rocket or the liquid fuel rocket faster?

liquid fuel

What makes an item a rocket?

The primary thing that makes an item a rocket is its ability to fly into the air. A propellant or fuel source is the primary company needed to achieve this.

How much do does fuel does it take to flya rocket?

The answer depends on where you want to fly it to.

How much is the fuel consumption of a rocket to overcome the gravity of earth?


In what year did Rocket Fuel Inc - FUEL - have its IPO?

Rocket Fuel Inc. (FUEL) had its IPO in 2013.