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Q: How much garbage is on earth?
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Why is garbage covered with layers of earth of earth at landfills?

Because of too much garbage on the earth.

What are the disadvantages of garbage?

one disadvantage is that if we have to much garbage it will destroy the earth

How is garbage effect the earth?

It affects the earth because the garbage is toxic and the fumes are released into the air.

Who are the decomposers that make the earth out of garbage?

The answer is earth worms

How do you show care and concern for the earth?

your garbage should be segregated into biodegradable and non- biodegradable garbage.

How much garbage can a garbage truck hold?

Depends how compact-able the garbage is.

Why does Indonesia produce so much garbage?

Anyone on earth produces garbage and waste actually american or chinese produce more garbage than indonesia but due to lack of garbage and waste management in Indonesia, it leads to mountainous of garbage everywhere in Indonesia the first reason in the government has not clear rule to tackle it while most indonesian don't know how to live in clean environment

How much are 1980 garbage pail kids cards worth today?

how much are garbage pail kids worth if i wanna sell them? how much are garbage pail kids worth if i wanna sell them?

What are the possible solution of garbage pollution?

we can stop it by not wasting so much of garbage

Does extra weight of buildings and machinery and garbage affect earth's orbit?

yes,it does because lots of garbage can over wight and the garbage it will be hard to go around the sun

What are the good things that happen if you recycle?

less garbage on earth

How do you keep the earth?

By maintaining it clean,not to make garbage and love mother earth by nature loving

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