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Q: How much gas does diet coke give you?
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What is the name of gas in Diet Coke?

the coke factory

Does the 7up has more gas then the coke?

* 7up is clear, Coke is dark * Diet seven up has less aspartame than diet Coke * 7up is citrus, Coke is not * 7up does not have caffeine or caramel coloring

Why is Diet Coke and Mentos a temporary change?

because it only makes a bit of gas when it explodes

Why can a solution be made by a solid liquid and a gas?

Sure... give me a Coca Cola on ice.. Solid (ice), liquid (coke), gas (the bubbles in the coke)

What is in Mentos that make Diet Coke explode?

caffeine, potassium benzoate, aspartame, and CO2 gas contained in the Diet Coke, in combination with the gelatin and gum Arabic ingredients of the Mentos, all contribute to the jet effect

How many Mentos do you add to sprite to make it explode?

You need at least 1. And, it depends what kind of pop you are using. Diet coke produces the best results because it has the most Carbon Dioxide gas in it, and that means that the rough surface and the pores on the Mentos candies will get filled up with the Diet Coke carbon dioxide gas. Right after Diet Coke comes Pepsi, and on and on.

What soda has more gas coke or sprite?

Coca-Cola Classics's caffeine content is 35mg per 12oz can and Diet Coke's caffeine content is 35mg. Coca-Cola has lots of sugar that will only engerize you for a short period of time before you burn out, and caffeine does not give you real energy, it just speeds up your heart and makes you feel on edge and it will also cause you to burn out. I suggest if you want to have energy, you should embrace proper diet and exercise.

Why did the reaction with Diet Coke and mento's occur?

because it has carbonation which also means "fizz". the mentos has a co2 molecule that changes into gas.

Why is Diet Coke fizzy?

If you shake the can then it wont only fizz and sizzle but explode because the citric acid will make the bubbles with the other ingredients will make CO2 and the solution will have no where to go but explode with a million bubbles coming out the can.

What gases are in Diet Coke?

Ethanol, petrol, Co2, Ammonia, Poop gas, Fart monsters, Marylin Manson's Skinny poops. All in all, good old fashoined POOP GAS.

How much gas does coke have?

how much gas does soda have.... this can be a project to ... vinegar represents the gas put vinegar in the bottle of soda and put a balloon ontop and shake you can use diffrent kinds of soda for this

Why do diet sodas react better with Mentos?

Diet coke reacts with mentos because the chemicals in the mentos and cola react to cause the soda's carbon dioxide to quickly turn into a gas an escape from solution. Although the exact nature of the reaction is unknown, it seems to relate to things such as the coating on the mentos and the artificial sweetener in the cola. peanuts In mentos there is sodium and diet coke has carbon dioxide and they are both from the periodic tables and they don't work together.