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Something on the order of 2500 tonnes of gold is mined each year.

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How much gold is produced each year?

2.500 tonnes of gold mined each year

How much silver is mined and used each year and how much gold is mined and used each year?

Around 233.7 tons of silver are mined each year and around 215.3 are used. Around 190.234 tons of gold are mined each year and around 182.9 tons are used.

How much platinum is mined each each year?

150 tons are mined each year. :)

How much mercury is mined a year?

The amount of mercury mined each year is in an estimate is 673.17 hundred million pounds.

How much copper is mined each year?

142,000 tonnes of copper per year

How much titanium is mined each year?

1,000,000 x 9,000,000

How much iron is mined in the US each year?

49 million tons.

How much silver is mined each year?

671 million troy ounces(approximately).

How much is beryllium?

Price-wise beryllium is higher than Silver or Gold, as only 365 tons of it are mined each year and the world storage reserve of Be is quite low.

How many tons of gem diamonds are mined each year?


How much of the world's gold does Australia produce each year?

country peanuts

Main mineral mined Kalgoorlie?

Not a mineral, but a metal- gold- and nickel. The Fimiston Open Pit, known as the Super Pit, is the largest open pit mine in the world. The mine produces about 28 tonnes of gold each year.

What is the total amount of diamonds ever mined?

I heard on NPR last year that the total amount of all the gold ever mined would fill two Olympic swimming pools. But I bet this answer will be much harder to find for diamonds. Diamonds are most likely not as rare as they are purported to be. They are used industrially on a much wider scale than industrial uses of gold.

How much coal is mined every year?

10,000 tons every year in your back yard. :[

How much gold does australia export?

Australia exports around 300 tonnes of gold each year to all over the world.

How much scrap gold is sold to online scrap gold buying companies each year?

The yellow soft gold metal scams sold in online scrap each year. Companies assays make Billion of Dollars. It's a big SCAM!

How much copper is available to be mined?

a little more than 92% of the wirlds copper is available to be mined. Although, that number is drastically increasing year after year. SAVE THE COPPER>>>>>>> WE REALLY NEED IT

How much gold is there in the world?

By knowing the amount of gold that is mined and produced per year and having reasonable estimates for values in the past, it's likely that there have been5.8 billion ounces of gold produced in human history.Video explanation:

Nevada finds how much gold and silver each year?

I dont know but m dad is a billionaaire ha

What is the percent of salt mined is used to de-ice out roads each year?

shut up and figer it out yourself

Where in Central America is gold mined?

All throughout Latin America there are mines of gold. Most of them however, provide little more than a few grams worth of gold each year. Major producers of gold in Central America with their production are as follows:Guatemala - 8,485 KgNicaragua - 3,400Honduras - 2,127Panama - 800Costa Rica - 500Belize - 5

How much gold does Australia produce each year?

In 2007 Australia produced 280 tonnes of gold or 9 million troy ounces worth about 12 billion Australian dollars.

What region in the world is the most heavily mined?

Niger opened a mined to supply 5,000 tonnes of uranium per year. Congo mines have provided plutonium and uranium since the bombs dropped in Japan in world war two. We now have to separate mining by the mineral. When it comes to plutoniom and uranium Africa is the most heavily mined. When it comes to gold China is listed as the most gold mined country. when it comes to zinc Europe is listed as the most zinc mined country. When it comes to esmeralds Colombia is listed as the top provider and most mined for. Now when we speak generaly Africa is the continent most heavily mined. Most countries there have minerals the whole world needs.

What does Mexico use gold for?

Most gold mined in Mexico is exported to other countries. Mexican exports of gold for 2012 were of approximately USD 8.38 billion, or 2.34% of total exports for that year.Gold that stays within the country is used in jewelry, minted as gold bullion or used in the electronics industry.

Is copper mined in California?

yes, copper is mined in California and george ling disocverd it in the year 1739