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Q: How much government did the whigs want to have been involved in the economy?
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What is the economic policy of laissez - faire?

Laissez -faire is a French term that means the avoidance of government control of the business and of the economy. This idea has been replaced with the term "free markets" which understands that government regulations on business to a certain extent are necessary for a wealthy and fair economy. The US economy can be described as a free market economy.

What happens when a compromise bill has been negotiated?

the parties involved come to a bill that everyone agrees to (a compromise. ) In some government situations, the bill has been processed to a point that it cannot be vetoed.

What are two important issues which involved disagreements between the three branches of government?

There have been many disagreements that have occurred between the three branches of government about important issues that have come up throughout history. Two of these issues include the declaration of war and the national deficit.

What do political parties and other groups think should be done about the issue with women's rights and the church?

That would depend on the religion involved. In the United States of America, the Government has no business interfering with religious dogma, tradition and issues. Politics should not and legally can not be involved with this issue. People within these parties may have an opinion, but legally the parties should not be involved. Separation between church and state was originally setup to prevent politics from being involved with these issues, not to prevent the church from interfering with politics. Thomas Jefferson made the issue very clear by explaining the wall of separation that the state should never tear down. The issue has always been that the government should not get involved with the church.

How long has the American economy been in a resession?

It is estimated that the resession started in Dec 2007.

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What extent does china's government control and regulate the economy?

The Chinese Government has the power to totaly regulate the economy of China However no government has ever been able to controll an economy.

Why did Jackson's policies on the bank and other issues lead to the formation of the Whigs?

Because Jackson wanted a federal government instead of a national one, therefor ratifying what should've been policies under his control. So he set up the Whigs formation, so that the federal government in which he wanted would be under his control.

How does the government regulation affects the economy?

It would have been more apt, if it is reworded as How does the government regulation affect market economy. In a controlled economy, government decides what its economy should be and hence has no relevance.In a market economy, the fundamental aspect of Choice and freedom... This enables production as per market demand and also creation of new markets for products. Government regulations affect the choice and freedom and hence may affect the market dynamics and economy.

How did the party philosophy of the Whigs differ from that of the Democrats?

the whigs and democrats embraced the idea of popular sovereignty

Which economy is closer to US economy?

The US economy is closest to a capitalist economy system, although the US has been known to implement a few socialist policies (like more government intervention)

What is one way a country could change from a command economy to a market economy?

If industries that had been owned by the government become privately owned.

What might have happened if the government had not been able to mobilize the economy so quickly?

He will shat his pants....

Which political party has been shared by both Great Britain and the US?


Why is your economy falling?

Because the government has taxed us to much and been printing to much money for themselves!

Differences between whigs and Jacksonian Democrats?

Both the Whigs and the Democrats had been in one party, the Democratic-Republicans. The Democrats were champions of states' rights, and was basically the same party as it is today. The Whigs wanted a strong federal government, and began as the opposition to Jackson, but ended when the party split into additional factions.

What type of economy system does Hungary have?

Turkey enjoys a free market economy. There use to be many state owned companies, but many have been privatized under the Erdogan government.

Why is the Canadian economy identified as a mixed market economy?

Why did Canada choose a mixed economy? 1980 US president, Ronald Reagan, supported less government in the economy to reduce government spending and regulation of corporations. Canadian prime minister, Brian Mulroney, fallowed Reagan's example and fought for the shift right (less government involvement in the economy) in the economy in 1984. Ever since than there has been shift lefts and shift rights everywhere. therefore, Canada is a Mixed economy :)