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The amount of homework would depend on the classes you are taking and your teacher.

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Q: How much homework do kids have at Toby Johnson?
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How much homework did kids have in California?

Kids in California get the same amount of homework as kids in other states.

How much kids get homework each year?

No studies have been done, but most kids do have homework

Are teacers gving kids to much homework?

yes they are giving us way to much homework but we need it to get a good job

How much homework do kids get total?

No studies have been done

Are teachers giving kids way to much homework?

yes way to much

Of there was a survay how much kids like homework at home how many from the 10 would like that?

If there is a survey of where the kids would love to do their homework most will choose at school.

How much tv do kids watch?

To Much when they should be doing homework and reading books

Why do kids need shorter school days?

yes because teachers just give kids so much homework and kids need time to study for tests and do homework instead of sitting in class listening to teachers and getting more homework.

What is the percentage of kids that suffer from to much homework and others who just hate homework?

There are no scientific studies on this, so there are no accurate figures

How many kids in the world get too much homework?

No studies have been done, but many kids do have a lot of work to do

What percentage of kids don't finish their homework because they have to much?

No studies have been done on this

Is there an expert opinion on do kids have enough amounts of homework?

There haven't been any studies, but most kids have enough homework. Some teachers do give too much work, and that's hard on the kids to finish in time. But most teachers do understand that kids have other classes, and try not to give out too much work.