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It depends on the year. As far as second generation cars go it is:

1986-87 non turbo 146 hp1988-92 non turbo 160 hp1988-92 turbo 200 hp

Do not compare these number directly to a piston engine. The rotary applies the power differently. It is far more fun to drive then a piston engine.

AnswerI think the 92 j-spec engine had like 215-220! 93-95 U.S. spec 3rd gen rx7's were TT and I think were rated at 255bhp. That's good horespower for a 2700lb car.

In Japan they continued to offer the 3rd gen until 2002/2003 when the rx-8 was introduced. During this time the 3rd gen was vastly improved and horsepower got up to around 285.

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2011-09-13 04:01:25
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Q: How much hp does a 13b engine have?
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