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How much hp does a 13b engine have?


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It depends on the year. As far as second generation cars go it is:

1986-87 non turbo 146 hp1988-92 non turbo 160 hp1988-92 turbo 200 hp

Do not compare these number directly to a piston engine. The rotary applies the power differently. It is far more fun to drive then a piston engine.

AnswerI think the 92 j-spec engine had like 215-220! 93-95 U.S. spec 3rd gen rx7's were TT and I think were rated at 255bhp. That's good horespower for a 2700lb car.

In japan they continued to offer the 3rd gen until 2002/2003 when the rx-8 was introduced. During this time the 3rd gen was vastly improved and horsepower got up to around 285.


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Mazda's 13B for the 1986-88 RX-7 made 146hp without a turbo and 185hp with a turbo.

the American 13B-S5 has 200hp the JDM 13B-S5 (which is what I have) has 220

engine core - about 90kg's.

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13B for N/A and 13BT for Turbo models.

Actually HP can only be estimated . he HP depends on a lot of factors about the motor.

Depends on the engine...

Depends on the engine...

That depends on the year and what it was in. There all different HP.

factory rated at 390 hp gross

The 4-speed Manual clutch Honda 70 (72cc) engine is rated at 5 hp.

rocket what? an engine?, need to know the year and engine size.

it the engine code. 2 rotor, naturally aspirated rotary

The H23A1 engine has 160 HP

At the engine is about 230-250 Hp Hp at the wheels is about 210

The 3.4L LA1 V6 engine in the Oldsmobile Alero puts out 170 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque.

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A 110cc engine would have anywhere from 5.5hp to 12 hp.

3 to 25 hp depending on engine modifications

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Itdepends if it is rear drive but normally 275 hp If there rating it at 500 hp it will be 500 hp at the drive wheels. Because even engine manufacturer dino motors under load to rate h.p.

i heard when i worked at pacific aerospace corp that each engine has about 22,000 hp

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