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How much hydrogen does it take to drive a car?

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It depends how far you want to go, how fast, and how big your car is! But when you ask a vague question you get a vague answer... a lot. The energy density of hydrogen is much lower than gasoline, even when it is highly compressed.

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How much hydrogen is needed to run a car engine?

hydrogen has three times the potential energy of gas, but it has four times the volume. It would take less hydrogen by weight but it would take more by volume to run a car

How much gas does it take to drive 9 hours?

It depends on your car.

How much hydrogen does it take to run a car?

more than you can make The tank on one of the new hydrogen cars coming out is 5 kilograms.

Why does your car accelerate while in park?

when you take the car out of drive and put in park the drive mechanism or transmission does not put as much load on the engine so it runs faster.

How much gas will it take for me to drive from denver to atlanta?

How many miles per gallon does your car get.

How long would it take to drive a car to the sun?

It would take more than 150 years to drive a car to the sun.

What does it mean to test drive the car?

To test drive a car means to take a car for a drive and see if you like the way it handles the road or just to see if you like the car :)

How much time will it take to Drive a car from Charlotte NC to Atlantic City NJ?

3 hours

How much gas will it take to drive 370 miles at 2.75 a gallon?

need avge milage of car to answer

How hydrogen is used in hydrogen cars?

A hydrogen car uses a fuel cell to convert hydrogen (from a tank) and oxygen (from the atmosphere) into electricity and water. The electricity powers electric motors, which drive the wheels.

When will we have hydrogen cars?

Honda has hydrogen car. Toyota has hydrogen car. gm is working on hydrogen car.

Can you take a thermostat out of a car and drive?

Yes you can.

How long by car does it take to drive to Chicago?

... from where..?

How long can a hydrogen car drive per kilo?

Depends on the vehicle. As there are no hydrogen cars being sold as of now, it is impossible to list mileage.

How much time does it take to drive 4 miles?

It depends what speed the car is travelling at !.. At 60mph - it will take 4 minutes... At 120mph it will take 2 minutes.

What are some ways to help the environment?

shorter shower take car to car wash no fast food no drive thrus shorter shower take car to car wash no fast food no drive thrus

How do you find out what is squeaking in a car?

Take the car to a mechanic or a mechanically inclined friend to take it for a test drive.

What kind of car do Angelina Jolie drive?

Angelina and brad pitt drive a BMW hydrogen 7 and previously she drove a range rover

How much gas does it take to drive from Vancouver to Calgary?

How much gas it would take would depend on what kind of vehicle you are driving, the engine size of that vehicle, how much weight it is carrying, and the mechanical condition of it. I can do the drive using 110 Litres of gasoline in my economy car.

How much does it cost to convert a right hand drive car to a left hand drive car?

$5.05 indeedly

What do you use with hydrogyen?

in a episode of top gear James drove a car that was powered by hydrogen so you can use it for the car he drive which was a type of Honda

How long does it take to drive a car?

16 years

How much gas does it take to drive from Richland Texas to Baton Rouge LA?

That depends on the car, the distance is 400 miles

How much money does it take to drive from Phoenix Arizona to South Dakota?

It is 1,220 miles, which you can calculate the amount of gas for your car.

How much gas will it take to drive from Indianapolis to Salem Oregon?

I'm moving to Salem Oregon in June, I would like to drive my car, so that I can have my own transportation, how much money should I have for the gas?