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How much information does a 2 GB flash drive hold?

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Ummmm, two gigabytes...

As far as I know, a 2 GB flash drive can hold about 1000 word documents, and as for pictures, it depends because the pictures can be different sizes.

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How much information does a 128 MB flash drive hold?

=how much can a 128mb flash drive hold?=

How much information does a 1 KB flash drive hold?

1,024 bytes of information, or about one short paragraph of text. Get yourself a bigger flash drive.

How much information can an 8 GB flash drive hold?

If its for School or College, 8GB is enough

How do USB flash drives hold so much information?

USB flash drives hold large amounts of information due to the advances in silicon technology. The storage inside the flash drive is very small and dense. This allows the manufacturer to build a small flash drive that can store gigabytes of data.

How much information do hard drives store?

hard drive can store up as much as possible when you buy a flash drive see how many mgb bites it hold and you can place alot of thing in the flash drive

How much can a Flash Stick or USB Hold...?

A flash drive can hold anywhere from 256 MB to 8 GB.

How much information does an 8 GB flash drive hold?

Almost as much as two DVD disks, or about the same as 10 CD roms.

How much can a USB Flash drive hold?

depends on your usb drive, it can hold 4GB in a 4GB usb drive, just check how much in properties

Who much does 4gb flash drive hold?

About 4 gb

How much can 1 GB flash drive hold?

1 GB

How much does a 1 GB usb flash drive hold?

It holds 1GB.

Will a 2gb flash drive hold your xbox live account?

It will hold your xbox live account but not much more

How much information can a zip drive hold?


How much information does a floppy drive hold?


How does a flash drive work?

There are thin fibers in the middle of every flash drive that help to secure all of the data. The strength of the fibers determines how much data you can hold.

True or false a typical USB flash drive can hold nearly as much data as a typical hard drive?


How much music can a 1 GB flash drive hold?

It depends on how big the music files are

How much information can a usb thumb drive hold?


How much capacity can a USB flash drive hold?

It depends on how many gigs the flash drive can hold. If you are windows, here is a good way to figure out how much if it isn't on the actual flash drive: first open up windows explorer, and on the left hand side it should say favorites, library's, and computer. Click on computer, and then right click click on the flash drive that you want to know the memory for. it should show you a pie chart of how much the device has on it, and has left.

How much can a 4GB flash drive hold?

A 4 GB flash drive can hold approximately 2,200 7 megapixel JPG images at maximum quality, 1,000 MP3 songs or six full-length movies in the Divx format. Any combination of file types can be stored on the same flash drive.

How is a flash drive different from a DVD?

its not much different besides the flash drive being smaller space alot of people think dvds can only hold videos but thats not true

How much info does 961 MB flash drive hold?

well 961mb is just under 1gb

How much can an 8GB flash drive hold?

8 Gigabytes (GB)If you wanted to fill it up with songs, it would hold 3360 songs.

How many MB does a usb flash memory card hold?

Not all flash drives are the same. Some will hold as low as 512MB while a few will hold as much as 128000MB (128GB). The most common amount of capacity (now days) for a flash drive is 1000MB (1GB).

How much can a 8 GB flash drive hold?

8 gigabytes, 8,000 megabytes, etc. of processed information which may be compressed in many formats such as video resolution: bmp, jpeg, etc.