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How much is 16 dollars an hour for a year?


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$33,280 per year, full-time.

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$16.00*2080 if you work full time= $31,200.00

$23,040 You multiply the number of work hours per year, which is 2080, times your hourly wage.

Depends on your age. For one or two kids, if you are... 11-12 year old, 2 to 4 dollars an hour. 13-15 year old, 3 to 5 dollars an hour. 16-18 year old, 5 to 8 dollars an hour. This is just what I would pay. Others might not be as generous.

A chef could earn anywhere from 9-16 dollars per hour.

It depends how many years

its in the neighbourhood of 16 dollars an hour or 40,000 a year

If you work 36 hours per week and get paid holidays, thats 1,872 hours per year. 30,000 divided by 1,872 equals just over 16 dollars per hour.

its simple u make 10 dollars every hour oh and u get free lunch but wendys is better to work for they give 13 dollars an hour and u get free food whenever signed---bailee & stefanie

probably 12 dollars an hour for casual in australia melb

Medical coding purely depends on the credentials. A coder with credentials will typically start out making 15 to 16 dollars per hour. A coder without credentials but who does have experience will typically make 11 dollars per hour. A medical biller will usually make about 11 dollars per hour.

If you work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks then there are 52 x 40 = 2080 work hours per year, so salary is 16 x 2080 = $33,280 per year

16 million dollars goes through Broadway a year.

The average salary is around 30,000 dollars a year. They make around 16 dollars an hour in Indiana. Gunsmiths are a highly specialized business.

they make 16-32 thousand dollars in a year.

I make $18 a hour and average about $16 a hour in comission. So that makes a total of $34 a hour.

The Average annual salary of Ultrasound techs is about $64,380. You can between 16 and 45 dollars an hour.

between 13 and 16 dollars an hour based on experience In NY, depending on Experience, $17+ per hr

16-50 dollars , although skys the limit

The average cost for motorcycle insurance is usually around 500 dollars a year. For a 16 year old girl, it will probably be more expensive, at least 75 dollars a month if they will even insure a motorcycle.

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