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How much is my Canadian 1966 elizabeth D.G. Regina dollar coin worth?

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Q: How much is 1966 Canada dollar coin?
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How much money is a 2 dollar Canada coin worth?

Face value only. It's a common circulation coin in Canada.

How much is 1966 two dollar coin worth?

No such US coin exists. The US has never made a 2 dollar coin. Please post a new question including the country of origin.

How much is 1996 elizabeth d g Regina Canada 2 dollar coin?

That was the first year for the Canadian two dollar coin, or the toonie. It's worth two dollars in Canada.

How much is a Mexican dollar coin worth in Canada?

12 pesos and it's a Mexican peso not coin

how much is 1988 Canada dollar coin worth?

It's still worth one Canadian dollar.

How much is a 1966 Liberty quarter dollar coin worth?

It is worth 25 cents, or one quarter of one dollar. 1966 is not old enough for the coin to have gotten valuable.

How much is a 1993 Canadian 100 dollar gold coin worth?

how much is work 1993 100 dollar gold canada

How much is a two dollar Canada coin worth in America?

Two dollars

How much is a 1999 Canada two dollar coin worth?

two dollars

How much is a 1966 25 cent Trinidad and tobacco coin worth?

Less than one dollar

How much is a 1996 Canada 2 dollar coin worth?

It's worth $2

How much is a 1983 Canada 50 dollar gold elizabethII coin worth?

About $1,500

How much is a 1980 Canada 50 dollar gold Elizabeth II coin worth?

How much is today's value of a Canadian $50 gold coin from 1980?

How much is your two dollar 1993 city of London Canada coin worth?

two dollars

How much silver is in a 1966 silver coin set?

There is only 1 silver coin, the 40% Kennedy half dollar which contains 4.6 grams of pure silver.

How much is a 1979 Canada 100 dollar gold proof elizabeth II coin worth?

However much someone will give you for it.

How much is a silver half dollar dated 1966 worth?

This coin is 40% silver. Too bad it is not from 64 or earlier, as those were 90% silver. It is worth a dollar or two.

How much is 1996 Canadian 2 dollar coin worth?

It's worth exactly two dollars in Canada.

How much is a 2 dollar Canada coin now a days?

It's still worth two Canadian dollars.

How much money is a 1872 silver dollar coin?

do you know how much money a silver 1872 dollar coin is and a 1922 silver dollar coin

Why do they have a 1 dollar coin in Canada?

Canada has used $1 coins since the 1930s. However, they eliminated their $1 bill in 1989, shortly after introducing their new dollar coin. The reason Canada ceased printing $1 bills is because while a single bill is cheaper to make than a coin, coins last much much longer than paper currency. Basically, it saved money to stop printing small bills.

How much is a 1979 Canada 50 dollar gold elizabeth II coin?

1250,-euro 25-V-2012

How much is an 1857 1861 dollar coin worth?

What you presumably have is a James Buchanan presidential dollar coin. It was minted in 2010 and is worth one dollar.

How much silver is in a 1979 dollar coin?

The coin is a Susan B. Anthony dollar and has no silver in it, it's just a dollar coin.

How much is a 1996 Canada 2 dollar coin worth in us?

As of 6 December 2013, two dollars in Canada is worth $1.88 U.S. There is no additional collector value.