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How much is 1966 Canada dollar coin?


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How much is my Canadian 1966 elizabeth D.G. Regina dollar coin worth?

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Face value only. It's a common circulation coin in Canada.

12 pesos and it's a Mexican peso not coin

It's still worth one Canadian dollar.

That was the first year for the Canadian two dollar coin, or the toonie. It's worth two dollars in Canada.

how much is work 1993 100 dollar gold canada

No such US coin exists. The US has never made a 2 dollar coin. Please post a new question including the country of origin.

How much is today's value of a Canadian $50 gold coin from 1980?

do you know how much money a silver 1872 dollar coin is and a 1922 silver dollar coin

The coin is a Susan B. Anthony dollar and has no silver in it, it's just a dollar coin.

There is only 1 silver coin, the 40% Kennedy half dollar which contains 4.6 grams of pure silver.

A Sacagawea dollar coin from circulation is only a dollar.

It's worth exactly two dollars in Canada.

It's still worth two Canadian dollars.

This coin is 40% silver. Too bad it is not from 64 or earlier, as those were 90% silver. It is worth a dollar or two.

how much is a 1972 one dollar coin with an eagel on the back of it?

The coin is a Susan B. Anthony dollar and has no silver in it, it's just a dollar coin.

His first name was Millard, and the coin is worth one dollar.

A half dollar coin weighs 11.34 grams and a dollar coin weighs 8.1 grams so if you use subtraction then the answer would be 3.33.

The bicentennial dollar coin is still worth one dollar.

Check the edge of the coin for a date.

Roosevelt has never been on a U.S. dollar coin. Post new question with the date of the coin.

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