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The price of gold fluctuates so much it's almost pointless to give a specific value. 1 dwt is about 1.5 grams, so if you multiply the current gold price per gram (which you can get from the financial section of any major newpaper) by 1.5 that should give you an approximate value. Or you could divide the price per ounce by 20, since there are 20 dwt in a troy ounce.

(note: 1 dwt is actually 1.55517384 g, so you can get a more accurate value by using more significant figures.)

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Depends on the Kt. Of the gold

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Q: How much is 19 grams of 9ct gold worth?
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How much is a 1853 gold Tallar worth?

weighs 1.2 grams 9ct gold about £10.50

How much is 5.3 grams off 9ct gold worth?

It depends where you are... on a deserted island it's worth nothing...

Is 22ct gold worth more than 9ct gold?

Yes - 22ct is a much higher purity than 9ct gold.

How much is 9k 9ct white gold ring worth?

depends on the weight.

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how much is 68 points garnet worth on my 9ct gold ring

How much is 9ct gold worth per ounce?

9ct Gold isn't Real Gold In U.S Standards, its under 50percent Real Gold in a whole. 10k is the lowest Form Treated as real gold, sitting at about 53% percent gold,mixxed with other things such as copper etc.

How do you tell difference in 9ct or gold plated gold?

9ct gold will have a '375' or '9ct' or '9kt' stamped onto it somewhere, gold plated gold won't have this.

What does 9CT BF mean?

9ct Gold

What does cps 9ct mean on gold?

Cps is the makers initials and 9ct is the purity of the gold.

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What is the value of 7 bar 9ct gold gate bracelet with 1899 victorian sovereign?

You would need to weigh the bracelet in grams. Remember there are 31.1035 grams in a TROY OUNCE (all precious metals are weighed in TROY OUNCES). The sovereign is worth around £240 - £250. 9ct gold is currently £12.50 per gram. So, once you have weighed the bracelet you should be able to calculate the gold value. Price correct as at 13th August 2012