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How much is 3 miles?

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During rush hour, it's $2.25 for the pick-up, plus $1.00 for each additional 1/9 mile.

The total fare will also include additional per minute of waiting time, additional per

passenger over two, additional per each piece of luggage over two, fuel surcharge,

airport surcharge, interborough surcharge, sales tax, and tip.

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How much is 3 miles in inches?

3 miles = 190,080 inches

How much is 3 k in miles?

1,864 miles.

How much is 3 miles in meters?

3 miles = 4.827 km = 4827 meters

How much is 5280 yards in miles?

It is: 5280/1760 = 3 miles

How much is 5280 in yards in miles?

5,280 yards is 3 miles.

How much is 3 kilometers?

3 kilometers is 1.86 miles.

How much is 3 score in miles?

Score is an old word meaning 20. So, 3 score in miles is 60 miles.

How much feet is in 3 miles?

1 mile = 5,280 feet. 3 miles = 15,840 feet

How much artificial fertilizer is used in the U.K. every year?

3 miles 3 miles

How much is 3.6 billion miles in km?

It is 5,793,638,402.21289 kilometers

How much is 5k in miles?

Around 3

How much is 3 miles in milimeters?


How much is 43 miles?

43 miles = 69.202 kilometres (to 3 dp).

How much is 3 billion km in miles?

3 000 000 000 km = 1,864 114.109 miles

How much weight can you lose if you run 3 miles everyday for 3 weeks?

Depends how much you eat!

How much does 3 miles is in a yard?

There are 1760 yards in one mile. Therefore, 3 miles is equal to 5280 yards.

How much hours in 145 miles?

3 hours

How much is three leagues in miles?

3 leagues (statute) = 7.8 nautical miles. (international)

How much acres are in 3 square miles?

1,920 acres.

How many miles of walking equal 3 miles of rollers skating?

Miles and miles are the same measurement. Therefore, 3 miles is equal to 3 miles. i think the question relates to how much energy is consumed if one walks and one roller skates one mile. i guess walking one mile be approximately skating for 3 miles.

How much miles per hour is Mach 3?

Mach 3 is 2,283.62 mph

Juan drove 275 miles in 5 hours how much will he travel in the next 3 hours?

He would travel 3/5 of that or 165 miles.

How much time does it take to drive in a car 214 miles at 70 miles an hour?

3.057 hours (which means 3 hours and 3 minutes).

How much is 3 meters in miles?

There are 1609.344 metres in one mile. Therefore, rounded to three significant figures, 3 metres is equal to 3/1609.344 = 0.00186 miles.

How much weight can you lose walking 3 miles 3 times a week?

1 lb.

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