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How much is Andre Rieu worth?

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Rieu's Net worth was 2.5 million dollars in 2011.

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Is Andre Rieu bankrupt?


Does Andre Rieu have a family wife children etc?

Yes, the Dutch violinist Andre Rieu does have a wife and two children.

What religion is Andre Rieu?

Andre is an atheist, he does not believe in god.

How do you get in touch with Andre Rieu?

You can leave a message in Andre's Guestbook on his website: And you can snail mail Andre at: Andre Rieu André Rieu Productions B.V. Postbus 2244 NL-6201 HA Maastricht Netherlands

André rieu is andre rieu senior still alive?

No. He died in 1992.

Bond appeared on what Andre rieu album?

Rieu does Bond! The orgy edition.

Is Andre Rieu married?


Where does Andre rieu reside?


Where does Andre rieu live?

In Maastricht.

Who is Andre Rieu?

A classical Viiolinist

Is Andre Rieu Jewish?

No, he is not religious.

Is Andre Rieu a Christian?

No, he is an atheist.

What time does Andre rieu concert finish in secc Glasgow?

andre rieu concert in Glasgow finishes just before 11pm

Does Andre Rieu Have a musician daughter?

No, Andre has two sons, but no daughter.

How tall is Andre rieu and how much does he weight?

2 feet, he weighs 3 stone.

How tall is Andre Rieu?

Six feet.

When did Andre Rieu come to Australia?


Andre rieu age?

He's 12.

Where can I buy DVD's of Andre Rieu?

What is the latest album by Andre Rieu?


Did Andre rieu appear in home and away?


What country does Andre rieu reside in?

the Netherlands.

What is the religion of Andre rieu?

He's not religious.

Does Manu in the Andre Rieu Orchestra have a website?


Does his brother play in Andre Rieu orchestra?