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More than 60 million...

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โˆ™ 2011-02-25 18:32:09
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Q: How much is Chris Brown worth?
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How much Chris Brown worth?

66 million

How much Chris Brown worth in 2011?

The net worth of R&B singer Chris Brown is around $22 million dollars.

How much money is Chris Brown worth?

Chirs brown is worth 500,000 dollars because I think chirs brown is sexy and hot I am really a big fan.

Who is worth more Chris Brown or Rihanna?

rihanna most people like her more than chris brown

Chris Brown net worth?

75 million

Is Rihanna richer than Chris Brown?

Yes. According to Chris Brown is worh $22 million, while Rihanna is worth $60 million. Rihanna is almost worth 3 times more what Chris Brown is.

What is chris brown's favorite cereal?

Chris Brown's favorite colors are brown and red, however, his favorite cereal is unknown. Brown is reportedly worth $30 million.

How much do Chris Brown weigh?

Chris Brown weighs about between 120 and 150 pounds.

How much did Chris Brown make in 2008?

chris brown made an estimated $150,000,000 in 2008

How much does Chris Brown get paid for each concert?

chris brown gets paid 50,000.00

Does Chris Brown go out much?


How much did Double Mint pay chris brown?

as much as they did

How much is chubby brown worth?

Net worth Roy chubby brown

What is Chris Brown's Worth?

he is wourth every thing in the world except God

What is the name of Chris Brown first CD?

Chris Brown Chris Brown

Who started Chris Brown's music?

Chris Brown started Chris Brown's music when Chris Brown became a singer.

How much does chris brown make a year?


How much is chris brown new CD?

about $15.00

How much do Chris Brown weight?

198 lbs.

How much is the bail for Chris Brown?

IT is suppose to be 50,000

How much did Chris Brown receive from Wrigley's?


How much is Chris Angle worth?


How much is bobbie brown worth?

He is worth NOTHING

How much is Chris Brown's net worth?

Some people says $15 milion, some $25 milion , his exactley net worth isn't known but it's around there.

Does Chris Brown have a dad?

Yes, Chris Brown has a dad. Chris Brown's dad is Clinton Brown.