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How much is Disney World worth?

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Disney World is worth Billions and Trillions of dollars.

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How much are old Disney books worth?

Wonderful world of Knowledge

How much is Walt Disney World worth?

35 Billion dollars

How much money is Walter Disney worth?

Walt Disney is worth a 1$

What is the net worth of Disney World?

58 billion dollars

How much is a 1991 Disney dollar worth?

About £90 GBP

How do you find out how much a 1979 Disney annual worth?


How much is a 1996 Disney Cinderella barbie worth?


How much are disney country bears worth?

The mcdonald toys right now (2012) aren't worth much on ebay.

Are Disney world tickets worth the cost?

Yes. Disney tickets are worth the cost especially when you have children. The cost will be in the range of hundreds of dollars. Kids will be a bit cheaper.

How much is a genuine Walt Disney autograph worth?

USD $1,500+

How much is the entrance to the Disney World?


Is Disneyland bigger than Walt Disney World?

No, Walt Disney World is much bigger than Disneyland.

How much money did Walt Disney pay to build Walt Disney World?


How much land does Disney World own?

List of Disney assests linked below.

How much is a cab fee from Disney World to Sea World?

According to the Internet, it's around $8 from Downtown Disney to Sea World.

How much is mint condition Walt Disney classic video dumbo worth?

I have some orignal Walt Disney videos in mint condition and want to know how much they are worth they are the classic version I have Dumbo,and Mary Poppins,

How much does it cost to power Disney World?


How much is a copper pass at Disney World?


How much is Disney worth?

it depends how much they spend on a movie then get paid even more so there is no answer it would be worth something around 15. billion

How long does it take to get from fort worth to Disney world?

In about 16 hrs and 50 min

How much garbage does Disney World produces per day?

About 120,000 pounds of garbage are produced each day at Disney World.

How much money is Disney worth?

About 54 billion dollars I am highly knowledgeable about this subject.

How much are Walt Disney World paper admission tickets worth I have them from the year the park opened?

If they are from 1971 then alot sell them on Ebay, I am a Disney freak and i'd buy them. I would say to sell around 50 to 75 bucks.

Is the los angeles Disney World as big as the Orlando Disney World?

The Los Angeles Disney World is much bigger than the Orlando Disneyland actually. However, the Orlando Disneyland is the very original that was built when Walt Disney was still alive.

Who is Disney World named after?

Walt Disney World is named after Walt Disney..... It was originally named Disney World, but was then changed to Walt Disney World to honor him.