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Q: How much is SEIKO watch 14K GE3676 gold?
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How much gold is in a seiko watch?

how much is a Seiko squits b5098 woman watch

How much is a gold Seiko watch serial 2e207479 worth?

The value of a gold Seiko watch with the serial number 2e207479 depends on its condition. This watch sells at auction for between 50.00 and 80.00 as of 2014.

Are seiko gold watches real gold?

If it's a real Seiko, then it's real gold. Fake ones? Not so much. I have many genuine gold colored Seiko watches and they are not real gold or I am rich :O)

How much is seiko lassale watch is worth?

Determining the value of a Seiko Lassale watch can vary depending on factors like its condition, rarity, and model. On average, a vintage Seiko Lassale watch may range from $200 to $1000, while newer models can be priced higher. To explore affordable options and replicas, consider browsing through {WeeReplica} for a wide selection of Seiko-inspired timepieces at varying price points.

How much is a 17 jewel Seiko wrist watch worth?


How much is a Seiko water resistant 4N0071 stainless steel 66-7109 worth?

Try and go to the Citizen and Seiko Watch Forum

How much is a seiko watch with the serial number 3210330 worth?

The serial number alone will not tell you anything more than the authenticity of the timepiece. As far as Seiko goes, the serial number does give you an estimate of when your specific watch is manufactured. If you need to look up the actual watch, you will need a reference number, or a nickname (and a lot of Seiko's watches have nicknames) of some sort. The reference numbers for Seiko timepieces usually have three- or four-letter prefixes with two- or three-digit numbers.Examples:SKX007 - Seiko's famous dive watch. DiscontinuedSARB017 - The original "Alpinist": gold hands/case, green dial, compass ring/crown. DiscontinuedSARB065 - The original "Cocktail Time". Whitish sunburst dial, blue hands. DiscontinuedSRPB43 - A rerelease of the "Cocktail Time" under the Presage line.

How much are Seiko watches and are they good?

Seiko watches are great watches both in terms of value and quality. They start in price from around $150. Depending on what style you want the price goes up to about $650. If you don't want to spend that much you can always wait for a Seiko watch to go on sale for a more reasonable price.

How much money can you get for a gold watch?

At the very least, the value of the watch's gold density.

How much is a seiko sportsman seahorse watch from 60s worth?

it 's a very nice watch much better mécanic than most of swiss made. Solid and waterproof. up to the state in between 60 and 250€

How much gold is there in a 14k gold watch?

If the watch is 14ct gold it means there is 58.5% actual gold in the gold parts. As for how much weight it would depend on a variety of things, but can be weighed quite easily.

How much is jean lassale watch is worth?

It solely depends on the age of the watch. Jean Lassale, a Swiss watch maker, sold his business to Seiko sometime in the late-70s or 80s (?). Seiko didn't sell their Seiko Lassale brand very long, and those Seiko watches sold new, at the time, for around the $400 to $500 mark. The Seiko Lassale's are Japanese-made and have a Japanese movement. Jean Lassale has since taken up his watch-making business again (I believe sometime after 2000, maybe 2003?). Those watches are "Jean Lassale", are Swiss-made and have a Swiss movement and retail for several thousand dollars. A recent quote I received from Jean Lassale in Geneva was almost $7,000. *gulp* A used Seiko Lassale can be had at eBay for between $50 and $200, and there is usually a small but steady stream of them. It's worth checking out, because even the Seiko Lassales are beautiful and very, very thin. Beware of sellers who claim they have a "Jean Lassale". These deals are almost certainly too good to be true. The real Jean Lassales are pretty much unaffordable (see above, $7,000, yikes).