How much is a 1000 Ezer Pengo 1945 Budapest paper bill worth in U S currency?

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how much is a ezer pengo 1945 paper 1000.00 bill worth in the usa today
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How much is a 1945 s penny worth?

Depending on the condition of the coin it could be worth anywhere from one cent to $60+. Chances are, unless the coin is in exceptional condition, it is worth little more than

How much is a 1000 bill worth?

1000 dollars+ . Not exactly .... . That's the FACE value of the bill. Because the U.S. never withdrew or demonetized any currency, all bills are worth their face (printe

How much is an old US currency bill worth?

US currency bills (unlike gold or silver coins) have no "intrinsic" value, other than their legal tender face value. But because they usually wear out more rapidly than coins,

How much is 1000 lire bill worth?

It is worth only about 50 cents. You can find the detailed answer here'Italia_1000_lire_mille_made_in_1943_without_2_c