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Q: How much is a 1954 Canadian five dollar bill worthin Canada?
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What is the value of a 1954 100 dollar Canadian bill in Canada?

Is there a cash value on a 1954 100 hundred dollar canadian bill as of this day

1954 Canadian 1 dollar devil face bill?

Can I sale my 5 canadian money paper bill 1954

What is the value of a 1954 Canadian five dollar bill?


What is the value of a 1954 Canadian dollar bill serial Cy8791412?


What picture is behind the 1954 Canadian dollar bill?

Saskatchewan prairie

What is a 1954 Canadian 100 dollar bill worth?

checked on ebay..255.00

How much is the Canadian 1954 one dollar bill worth?

its worth $1.00

Value of 1954 Canadian two dollar bill?

A 1954 Canadian two dollar bill can range from $10 up to $250.Two dollar bills are reddish brown in color and show a farm landscape with hills and trees on the back of each bank note.

What is the value of a 1954 Canadian dollar worth in dollars?

The minimum value of a 1 dollar 1954 is 20.14 $, due to the value of silver.Depending on its condition, its scarcity, supply and demand and errors and varieties, the value of a 1 dollar 1954 varies. There is two 1954 silver 1$ models.

How much is a 1954 Canadian 2 dollar dollar worth?

If its in good to excellent condition it can be pricely. Depending on the condition it can fetch $500 to $800

What is the current value of a Canadian 1954 one hundred dollar paper bill?

about 96 us dollars

Value of 1954 canadian 2 dollar bill?

serial number 0524472 we have two in mint condition

What is the value of a 1954 Canadian one dollar bill?

I found a 1954 Bank of Canada One Dollar bill tucked away behind a baby picture. The bill is in perfect condition, it has serial number v/n 5573814, Ottawa 1954, no letters before or after the date. Can you please tell me if this is one of the "Devil" bills and if it is worth anything. Thank you for any and all information. Lori

How much are these canadian bills worth I have a 5 dollar bill 1986 begin with #EON; four 2 dollar bills 1986 begin with #AUY, BBH, and BGH; a 1 dollar bill 1954 begin with #ZP?

ithe number of the canadian bills is 180

What is the value of a 1954 Canadian 20 dollar bill?

An uncirculated $20 bill from 1954 is worth $350-$400 in mint uncirculated condition and about $30 in crisp circulated.

What is the value of a 1954 Canadian 1 dollar bill?

It can have any value it depends on the condition and if it has a devils face in her hair so it can be from $1 to $50 for a 1954 $1 bill.

1954 Canadian dollar?

Though the bill is old, it's not rare or especially valuable. The average selling price is around three dollars.

Who wants to buy 1954 50 dollar Canadian bill in mint condition?

If you have an item for sale, list it on an appropriate site such as Craigslist or eBay.

What is the value of a 1954 Canadian 5 dollar bill?

it is worth about 50-150 dollars if you go to the right place About $430 if it's uncirculated I think

What is the value of a 1954 1 dollar bill?

a dollar

What is the value of an old Canadian 2 dollar?

Canada switched from 'Pounds' to 'Dollars' in 1858, so the note could date anytime from then. If it has a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on it, then the oldest it could be is from 1954. A 1954 Canadian $2 note, in perfect uncirculated condition, is worth $15-$30 US Dollars (depending on the signatures). The next issue, 1973, would be worth $10 and the most recent, 1986, would be worth $3-$8.

How much is a 1954 canadian quarter worth?

The 1954 Canadian quarter is worth at least $7 and upwards of $20 depending on condition.

When did Canadian Ballet Festival end?

Canadian Ballet Festival ended in 1954.

When was Canadian Journal of Linguistics created?

Canadian Journal of Linguistics was created in 1954.

What was one dollar worth in 1954?

One dollar, of course :-|)