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It's called a "Franklin Half" not a liberty Bell. The coins are so common the value for most is just for the silver, about $6.50

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Q: How much is a 1960 Liberty Bell half dollar worth?
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How much is a 1960 half dollar with the cracked Liberty Bell worth?

All Franklin half dollars have the "cracked bell" it adds nothing to the value.

How much is a silver dollar with the liberty bell on it worth?


How much is the 1776 1976 Liberty Bell silver dollar worth?

It's still worth one dollar.

George Washington 1960 half dollar with Liberty Bell?

There's no such coin. Washington is on the quarter.

How much does a 1776-1976 silver dollar with a liberty bell and moon worth?


How much does a 1776 1976 silver dollar with a liberty bell and moon worth?

That's the bicentennial dollar, extremely common, and still worth one dollar.

How much is the Liberty Bell worth?

The Liberty Bell is priceless. I own a bell older than the liberty bell. . . not kidding

How much is a 1951 Franklin-Liberty Bell half dollar worth?

This half dollar is worth between seven and three-hundred dollars, depending on the condition.

What is the value of a silver liberty bell dollar 1776 - 1976?

Bicentennial dollars released for circulation are still worth one dollar.

How much is a Liberty Bell half dollar?

The Liberty Bell is on the reverse (tails) side of the Franklin half dollar. One is currently worth at least $8 for the silver, and a little more if it's in particularly good condition.

What is a1954 coin with the Liberty Bell with crack in it worth?

As you can tell from looking below the bell, the coin is a half dollar. Also, if you check any history book you'll find that the Liberty Bell really does have a crack in it.

What is the value of a silver half dollar liberty bell on the back 1951?

A 1951 Franklin half dollar is worth about $11 due to its silver content.

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