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These are common in collections and sell for face value only.

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2008-04-13 02:07:28
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Q: How much is a 1963A two dollar bill with red ink on it?
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How much is a 1957b silver certificate dollar bill with blue ink worth?

About $1.25

Is there a picture of 1963 a 2 dollar bill with red ink?

What is the value of a red inked two dollar bill

What is the value of Red ink 5 dollar bill 1928 F?

A red ink 5 dollar bill is currently worth about $20 is good condition or about $50 uncirculated

How much is a two dollar bill with red ink worth 1953C?

$3.50 if worn, around $6 if in better condition.

Why is Satellite Station Stamp on Ten Dollar Bill?

Someone with too much time on their hands and an ink-stamp kit.

What color is the ink on the front of a US dollar bill?

It is originally black....

What is worth of 1973 Canadian one dollar bill with red ink serial number?

One dollar

Value 1953 B two dollar bill red ink?

The value of a 1953 B two dollar bill with red ink is not a very valuable bill. However, this bill can be worth up to 15 dollars depending on its condition.

Dollar bill that the seal has a ink misprint has it any value?

none at all

Can you remove the magnetic ink on a dollar bill?

No, you cannot. That is actually the point. It is a special ink that CANNOT be removed. If no ink shows up it means the bill is a counterfeit.Excuse me but it CAN be done. Easier than you would think.

Ink has run on dollar bill?

Ink smears are considered to be significant errors. It's hard to say without seeing your bill, but as a guess it might retail for over $100.

How much is the red ink series 5 dollar bill worth?

Not enough information. Please post a new question with the bill's date and whether there is a small letter next to the date.

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