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The 1965 Kennedy half dollar is a 40% silver coin (1965-1969) but so many were made only a very high grade uncirculated example is worth more than the silver in the coin. The silver value today is about $2.70

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Q: How much is a 1965 half dollar now?
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How much does a Kennedy half dollar weigh?

It depends what year the half dollar was made. 1964 - 12.5 g 1965-1970 - 11.5 g 1971 to now - 11.34 g

Now Kennedy's face is on the half dollar?

Yes, Kennedy's face is still on the half dollar.

What is the value of a 1965 sms Kennedy half dollar?

A half dollar from 1965 would have to be in the original special mint set case with the other coins from that year to have any special value as an SMS coin. outside of the case it is worth it's silver value. right now that is about $4.20.

What is the value of a US liberty 1936 half dollar?

A US liberty 1936 half dollar is worth half a dollar in 1936. It is now worth around $15 to $50 or more in 2013. The variation depends on the coin's condition.

How do you distinguish the silver coin?

You can tell a coin is silver by either looking at the edge and finding it a uniform silver color (with no darker colors) or by finding a dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar with a date from before 1965. They now make silver versions of the dime, quarter and half, but only in proof sets.

How much is a 1964 JFK silver half dollar worth?

it goes upand dwn but right now 14-17 it goes upand dwn but right now 14-17

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they made them for 46 years and there still making them now so they make each year 1 year so if you get any 2010 half dollar keep it.

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