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This would be the 1972 Silver Eisenhower dollar variety from the San Francisco Mint. In uncirculated condition, it would be worth about $8 and if you have a Proof coin, it would be worth about $9.30.

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Q: How much is a 1972 silver dollar worth today?
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Silver dollar 1972?

It is most likely worth a dollar.

1972 silver dollar?

It is most likely worth a dollar.

What is a 1972 eisenhower liberty silver dollar worth?

It's still worth one dollar.

How much is a 1972 silver Canadian dollar worth?

By 1972, Canadian dollars were made of pure nickel instead of silver. It's worth one Canadian dollar.

What is the silver 1972 dollar worth?

For 1971 & 1972 only proof versions of this coin were struck in 40% silver and have values of about $6.00.

1972 Kennedy silver dollar worth?

Not silver, copper-nickel And either not JFK or not a dollar - JFK is on the half dollar, President Eisenhower was on the dollar coin in 1972. Either way, it's an ordinary circulation coin worth only face value.

What is a 1972 silver dollar worth today?

Unfortunately, that is not silver, even though it is silver colored, and it is worth $1 if it is an ordinary circulated coin. Uncirculated, they are about $1.30. There ARE silver proof versions that are worth more, depending on condition and mint marks. But they are still pretty neat coins.

How much silver half dollar 1972 is?

No half dollars intended for circulation minted since 1970 contain any silver. No 1972 half dollar has any silver. It is only worth 50 cents.

How much is a 1972 S silver dollar worth?

Current retail value is $6.00

How much silver is in a 1972 US half dollar?

There is no silver in a 1972 US half dollar.

How much is a 1977 silver dollar worth?

One dollar. Unless it is older than 1900 you won't get more than twenty dollars for a silver dollar. For example a 1972 silver dollar is worth $3-10 circulated. Unless it isn't circulated it is most likely worth $1.

What is the value of a 1972 Kennedy 50 cents?

A 1972 Kennedy half dollar contains no silver and is worth 50 cents.

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