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Q: How much is a 2009 ykpaiha coin worth in America?
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Whear is ykpaiha konihok?

It appears that "ykpaiha konihok" does not correspond to any known location. If you provide more context or correct the spelling, I may be able to help you locate the place you are referring to.

How much is belciqve 20f coin worth in America?


How much is the 2009 twenty dollar gold coin?

in June 2009 it is worth about $1000.

What is ykpaiha konihok?

This is a coin from the Ukraine. The words are not "ykpaiha konihok" but rather "УКРАЇНА КОПІЙОК" which is in the cyrillic alphabet, and would be pronounced as "UKRAINA KOPIYOK." There are 100 Kopiyok to the Hryvnia, and there are about 8 Hryvnia to the US dollar as of mid-October 2009, so the exchange value of the 25 Kopiyok is about 3 US cents and the exchange value of the 50 Kopiyok is about 6 US cents.

How much is a french nickel worth in America?

The value or worth of a French nickel in America will depend on its age and condition. It is always best to assume that the coin would only be worth face value. It is best to have the specific coin appraised.

How much is an 1845 5francs coin worth?

For coin collectors it would depend on the grade (condition) of the coin. In good condition its worth about $90. The better the condition the more its worth. As a gold bullion coin as of 5/25/2009 about $45 USD.

How much is a 2009 Zachary Talor one dollar coin worth?

They are worth only a dollar and are not rare.

How much is a brasil 1 real 2009 coin worth?

only $0.49

How much is a Chinese 100 coin worth in America?

how much does a chinese 100 cion cost in america

What is the value a 1917 one cent Lincoln America coin?

There are a number of factors that go into determining what a coin is worth. The value of a 1917 one cent Lincoln coin is worth $18. If it is a 1917 D it is worth $90, and a 1917 S is worth $130.

How much is a James Polk 2009 coin roll worth?

Probably not much more than face value. An exceptional coin could be worth a little more.

What is a German coin worth in the US?

1 Euro coin is equal to 1 dollar and 35 cents in 2009 May.