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How much is a Babe Ruth ash tray worth?

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What do you mean Babe Ruth Ashtray? Any links to a photo? I own an ashtray/Striker lighter that has been argued that it could be the Babe or Honus. Copyright is 1913 but the item supposedly started selling around 1920. Looks like the babe but I don't know. Made by Louis V. Aronson.... aka The Art Metal works Co....Then RONSON Corp. How about a little more info on the Astray you seek the price of. Regards

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How much would a McDonalds tray signed by Wayne Gretzky be worth?


Anywho know how much a thomas wilkinson and sons silver tray is worth?

About 25.00

How much is a 1980 Georgia bulldog national champions Coca Cola Tray Worth?

46 pickles

How much is a 1980 Georgia bulldog national champions Coca-Cola tray worth?


How much is a 1987 GI Joe metal serving tray worth?

$5-10 max. It is not a valuable item.

What are 1958 coca cola trays worth these days?

A 1958 Coca Cola tray is valued at about $30, depending upon the particular image on the tray. Some trays from the 1920s can be worth as much as $75, even in less than perfect condition.

What is the value of a 1976 Cincinnati Reds serving tray?

The serving tray is worth about $25. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the tray and what it is made out of.

What is the value nof a 1883 FB Rogers oval silver tray?

A silverplated tray is only worth about $25.00.

How much does a cardboard lunch tray cost on average?

How much does the cheapest cardboard lunch tray cost?

How much is one tray ounce?

1 tray ounce = 31.1 grams

What is a Meriden B Company silver tray with an inscribed design worth?

A Meriden B Company silver tray with an inscribed design is worth about $15 to $25 depending on the intricacy of the design, edge design, and pedestal (if any). It is likely the tray is silver plated.

What is a set FB Rogers punch bowl tray and 20 cups worth?

i have a punch bowl set from f.b. rogers. It is missing a cup and laddle. How much is it worth. good condition.

What is a tea set with tray by FBRogers Silver co worth?


How much does an invisalign replacement tray generally cost?

it depends. Usually is it is the final tray/retainer I heard 300. For a regular tray $65

How much is a silver electric coffee set with cream and sugar with tray made in the US worth?

made for universal by the international silver co. set number 8905 its 4 pieces. whats it worth?

What is a Roger's and Bro 1781 oval silver serving tray worth?

A reputable antique dealer can determine what a Rogers and Bro 1781 oval serving tray is worth. The value of it depends on the condition of the piece.

What is Roger's and Bro 1780 oval silver serving tray worth?


What the value of a Wilcox International silver Co tray worth?

21" x 15" tray Willcox International Silver Co Rochelle 27/2 21in

What is a wilcox silver tray patenet number seven sixty you worth?

style number

How much does it cost to have a shower tray installed?

The cost to have a shower tray installed ill depend on the type of tray you choose. You can expect to pay about $20 per hoor for the labor.

What is the value of a 1883 FB Rogers 7485 silver platter with sterling silver creamer and sugar?

A Rogers sterling creamer and sugar set might be worth 50-100 depending on size, condition, and pattern. If the tray is sterling, that would bring up the value quite a bit. If the tray is silver plated, it is not worth much, maybe 10-20.

What is a tray with the cutlers company 1836 alpha plate viders of sheffield chased worth?

i have a tray of the cutlers company it is of alpha plate mae by viners of sheffield is there any value in this item

What is a Rogers and Bro 1781 oval silver serving tray worth?

According to Shopgoodwill, a Rogers and Bro 1781 oval silver serving tray sells for about $11. This does not mean it is worth $11. A good reputable antique dealer can determine the value. It will depend on the condition.

How much is a box of milk tray?

200g = GBP 5.00

What is the plural of tray?

Trays is the plural of tray.