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Check out the link below. Use the search on the right side for a current Blue Book Value based on condition.

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Q: How much is a Browning A500 semi-auto shotgun bought new in 1988 in great shape worth?
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How much is a Browning A500 semi auto shotgun bought new in 1988 in great shape worth?

By great shape I assume that we are talking about your shotgun having between 80%-90% original finish and a good bore.If that is the case then your shotgun is valued between 325-350 dollars.

10 gauge browning invicter great cond auto?

Good shotgun.

What is a 1939 browning a5 by fn worth in great shape?

In the condition that you describe,I would asses a value of between 450-575 dollars for your Browning auto-5 shotgun.

When was browning and Winchester bought by herstal group?

They were acquired in 1987. Great reading on the Herstal Corp at the link below which is

What is the value of a Belgian made Browning full 12 special steel shotgun with serial number of 129382 in great condition?

50-1000 usd

Value of Browning 12 gauge shotgun?

I have a double barrel side made by is great shape ther is 1492A47.pleasnow the value of un.

What is the value of a Browning Lightning superposed shotgun serial number 38827S5 in great shape?

You need to call Browning after checking the chart here Your sn doesn't fit.

What is the age of a Sears Roebuck shotgun?

William, I bought my Ted Williams 200 from Sears in 1972 or 1973. I remember that they had a "sale" on them and I bought mine for around $125. It still works great! ! Ed

How much is a Browning shotgun model 2000 worth in great condition?

Your B2000 in 95% to 98% condition would probably appraise between $300 and $350. A mint B2000 with box would be valued near $400.

What is the value of a Springfield rifle or shotgun model 67 F?

I have a 12 ga 67F, 28" modified that I bought in a pawn shop in 1973. Still shoots great after thousands of rounds. I paid $65 for it then.

What is the value of a 30-30 Savage Springfield Model 84C in great condition?

What do you have? The Savage/Springfield 84C is a .22 semiauto rifle, not a .30/30.

Any idea how much a Winchester 12GA stainless steel marine 1300 shotgun is worth it's never been shot?

$700 just bought one GREAT FIRE ARMS GO SHOOT IT!!!!

What is the value of a 16 gauge Mossberg Model 190 shotgun in good condition?

well my new mossberg is in great condition, i bought it for only 93 dollars. but do not short yourself, in mint condition it can be worth more

What is the age and value of a Springfield Savage Arms 410 model 940E single shot shotgun?

I have one...410 single shot still shoots great ! My first shotgun,Dad bought it new for me Christmas 1969.I killed many a squirrel with it growing up.Not much value to them.Maybe $ 100.Hope this helps. Tim

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What is the value of a JC Higgins model 20 12 gauge pump shotgun in fair condition?

I WOULD SAY A DECENT CONDITION 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN WOULD PROBABLY RANGE FROM 100.00 TO 200.00AnswerI bought mine for 120 AnswerI 12 gauge pump shotgun cost me $150.00 AnswerI paid 50$ for a model 20 in fair condition. fires fine but needs some TLC, makes a great field gun. AnswerMine was left to me by my stepdad it has something on end of barrel i think its a powerpac. It says made for jc Higgins sears and roebuck on it. AnswerI bought one today for $100.00 in excellent condition with all three chokes still in-tact and working fine. I cleaned it, shot it a few times and think it was a great buy. AnswerI bought one in very good condition today for $149.00.

What is the age and value of a Browning 6 mm 35 made in Belgium with all matching parts in great condition?


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What is the value of a 20 ga abercrombie fitch dbl brl side-by-side c1960 shotgun in 90 condition?

I bought a used A&F 20ga late 50's to early 60's from cabelas. It is in great condition for $ 2200

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What is the value of a Spencer 10 gauge shotgun?

I have a 10 gauge spencer shotgun for sale ($2000.00) . Great shape. They are very rare. Tom 210 218 2834

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen made in Belgium that looks and works great?

$350 -$500

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What is the vale of a Coca Cola Winchester Centennial shotgun?

About $1,200 if in great to excellent condition.