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I can't help with the "number 135" designation, but Crescent Arms Co. .410 shotguns can range in value from almost nothing (for a utility single shot model with exposed hammer in poor condition) to over $1,000 for a Crescent Certified Shotgun or New Empire in perfect condition (these have factory 12 1/2" barrels and are SUBJECT TO ATF III ATF REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS (and seizure if currently unregistered). Finally, if it is a 12" Victor Ejector, extreme rarity prevents any price estimate. Assuming you have a standard side-by-side, values can exceed $400 for 100% condition guns (with premiums for exposed hammers and/or sidelock actions).

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โˆ™ 2005-05-03 22:15:10
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Q: How much is a Crescent 410 shotgun number 135 worth?
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