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How much is a Japanese hand-painted tomato teapot worth?

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It depends on the size and intricacy of the design, as well as the brandname. It could range anywhere between US $ 3.5 to US $ 150 and if it is an antique piece, then even higher.

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What is a Wm Rogers 800 teapot worth?

The value of an silver teapot creamer and sugar set marked WM Rogers 800 is approximately 122 British pound sterling.

What is the worth of an ellgreave teapot?

Ellgreve 1095 r

How much is the handpainted porcelain brick abbey worth from the dickens' village series from the heritage village collection?

30 to 80 dollars

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What is your Old Japanese money worth?

I have world war 2 japanese money what is it worth

How much would a Royal Doulton teapot depicting Juliet from their Shakespeare series be worth?

Many of the teapots are valued in price close to $120 each. The amount will vary depending upon the condition of the teapot.

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How much is Japanese money worth?

I have pre world war Japanese dollars in $100,$10, and $5. Are they are worth anything? or how do I find out the worth?

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How much is a Japanese Charizard worth?

It's worth £12000

If you have 5 Japanese pesos how much is it worth in US Dollars?

Five Japanese pesos banknote or any japanese invasion currency from the philippines are worth about 1 US $

How much value is a Japanese 500 yen coin worth?

A Japanese 500 yen coin is inherently worth 500 yen.

Huge reed and barton sterling silver flatware set cameo?

How much is a reed and barton 3610 965d teapot worth

How much is a Reed and Barton silver plated teapot with the number 2210 then the number 5 stamped on the bottom worth on eBay?

I can't say what it's worth on eBay; but if it's in good shape, it's worth $150 to me.

What is a Japanese sword worth?

It depends on what you are talking about.

How do you say it's not worth it in Japanese?


What is a Japanese government 5 pesos worth?

More than 4 japanese government pesos is.

How much is 10 dollars worth in japanese yen?

1 US Dollar equals 117.70 Japanese Yen. Therefore 10 dollars is worth $1177.03

How much is a 7.7 Japanese rifle worth?

A 7.7 Japanese rifle is worth $4,000 or more. If the original scope is still attached, you can basically name your price.

How much is the swastika Japanese Pokemon card worth?

It's worth about 15000 dollars

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Are Japanese coins worth anything?

They're worth at least their face value. To get the value on collectible Japanese coins, you have to be more specific with regard to year, markings, etc.

If you have 100 Japanese pesos how much is it worth in US Dollars?

Its worth 7 to 10 dollars