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How much is a bar of gold worth?

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It depends on how many troy ounces the gold bar actually is. Most smaller bars are either 1 or 10 troy ounces.

Look up the spot price of gold per troy ounce, multiply that by the number of ounces your gold bar is, add about 5% and that is what you should sell or buy your gold bar for. For example, the spot price for gold today was 1010 per ounce and I was selling bars for about 1040 per ounce.

A lot of people have the misconception they can buy gold at the spot price but that's not true. Add about 3% for bars, 5% for bullion coins, and then add on shipping and insurance too.

I'm sure people will still want to argue and insist on buying gold at the exact spot price but that's not practical. Oh sure, you might find someone hard up for money or a company running a special or bait and switch but if you want to buy from reputable company, expect to pay the additional percentages above.

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How much is a 2 pound gold bar worth?

a lot

How much is a gold bar worth in runescape?

about 100 to 200 coins

How much is a 5 kilo bar of gold worth?

5kg of .9999 gold at 1500/oz[troy] is worth approx. $239,976.

How much are 50 grams of 24k gold worth?

How much are 50 grams bar 24k gold Read more:

How much would a gold clad bar be worth?

what is a one troy ounce

How much does a gold bar weigh and how much is it worth?

Any gold bars sold on the market should be stamped with its weight and purity.

How much is one ounce of 18K gold worth?

24K gold bar is $814.44 per one ounce.

How much is a 1 troy ounce 999 gold bar worth?

July 9, 2009 Today, one ounce of gold is worth $913.20

How much is 24 grams of gold worth?

Prices will always vary by week. April 2012 a gram bar of gold is $52.00 - a 20 gram bar of gold is over $1,000.00

How much is 10 grams 9999 fine gold bar worth in gbp?

363 gbp

How much is a 10lb bar of gold worth?

Right now, approximately $152,424 US dollars.

How much is 5 Troy grains of gold bar worth?

gold weight 68.1 grains in avoirdupois equall in troy grains

How much is a fifty dollar gold coin bar worth?

$50 on the day it was made. The value of gold rises and drops daily.

How much is a 50lb gold bar worth?

over 50,000 dollars! thats all im saying

How much money is a gold bar usually worth?

Gold's worth in monitary value, is dependent upon the stocks of the country that have gold. If companies lose money, gold value decreases, so be a smart invester.

I found a gold bar hidden between the basement wall while knocking the wall to do some construction work down stairs. How much is a 20000g gold bar worth?

About $5,000,000.

How much is 5 grains of gold bar worth?

If you had 2 gold bars weighing 5 grains each, and are .999 proof how much would they be worth?

What is a 1 oz gold bar worth on average?

A 1 ounce gold bar is worth $1449.73 USD. The world's largest gold bar weights 551lbs (250kg), it was manufactured by Mitsubishi Material Cooperation in 2005, it has a value of $3,684,000 USD.

One third the weight of a bar of gold plus 30 pounds equals the weight of that bar of gold How much does the bar of gold weigh?


How much is a gold brick worth?

The most common gold bar (400 ounce London Good Delivery) which is held by most central banks is now worth around $360,000 and weighs in at 12.44kg.

What is the 100th anniversary hershey's gold bar worth?


How much is a gold bar worth?

A gold bar by international standards weighs ~ 400 troy ounces (27.4 pounds). On 4/25/08, the value of gold was $891 per troy oz. Therefore, a gold bar would be worth: $ 356,400.__________The value of a gold bar is always slightly above the spot price of gold. Add about 5%. The person above wrote 'the value of gold was.." Where does he get that from? The spot price? That is based upon the futures commodities market and not for real world physical trading of gold or silver. Add about 5% above the spot price for bullion gold and that's how much you can buy it for. I'm a gold trader by profession and I never sell gold at the spot price.

What is the value of one gold bar?

It depends on the size of the bar and on the current price of gold. Right now gold is around $1600/oz so a one ounce bar would be worth $1600.

How much is 64 grams of gold worth?

how much is 64gram of gold in CAD

How much is 35 grams gold worth?

How much is 35 grams of gold worth in pounds