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16 - 18......depending on how thick the pages are. If the reference is to selling or buying food stamps, it is illegal. Most states now issue cards rather than the old method of having a book of stamps which look similar to coupons. Regardless it is against the law in all fifty states to traffic in the selling or buying of such and should not be attempted. They don't come in books. You have to apply through social services and if you qualify, they issue you the food stamp equivalent of a debit card.

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Q: How much is a book of food stamps?
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How much does a book of 1st class stamps cost?

it cost $ 8.80 for a book of stamps

Where can you buy a book of food stamps?


How much is a book of stamps?

The average cost of a plain book of stamps is usually around 14-15 dollars. For a half book of stamps the cost normally ranges from 5-8 dollars.

What is the value of 1942 ration stamps?

Although there are rare stamps, in general WWII food ration stamps in a book of stamps (with some missing) are worth $2 to $5. An absolutely new book of stamps (unsigned) might be worth $10 or more. A book of stamps signed by someone famous would, of course, be worth even more. Loose stamps (not in a book) are generally worthless - a few pennies, if that.

How much is a war ration book no 3 with all stamps worth?

all the ration book stamps were worth £30.00.that is one ration book only.

How much is the cost of 2012 book of stamps?


How much do food stamps cost?

Food stamps do not cost money. They are given away to those families that show economic need.

Can you use food stamps for nutrisystem?

Can I use food stamps

How many stamps come in a book of stamps?

20 in a book, 100 in a roll (assuming you are not talking about a collectors book of stamps).

How much for a book of US Postal Stamps?

There is no extra charge for the book and I think they all contain 20 stamps, so $8.40 for current first class stamps.

Can the social security admin deny your claim for food stamps because your wages exceeded the limit due to overtime put in?

soc. sec does not deal with food stamps.. not sure what you are asking here. If you are making that much you won't get food stamps.

Can you use Georgia Food stamps in Alabama?

can I use my food stamps in AL

Is Food Stamps considered Welfare?

No. Food Stamps are not Welfare.

Does Mexico have food stamps?

no Mexico doesn't have food stamps

Postage stamps cost .37 each. How much does a book of 50 stamps cost?


Can food stamps be used on delivery?

I am betting that you can't use the actual food stamps for delivery of the food. I am pretty sure you have to use the food stamps for buying food and drinks.

can you by certo with food stamps?

Yes, as long as you purchase it at a retailer that accepts food stamps.

How much are stamps at Costco?

If you are in California, at the current time they are $43.75 for a book of 100 stamps, which is cheaper than the post office by .25.

What are 'back of the book' stamps?

Back of the Book stamps are those that are used for special purposes. These include Air Mail stamps, Special Delivery stamps, tax, official, and postage due stamps. In stamp albums and catalogs they are found at the 'back of the book.'

Does Kmart accept food stamps?

Yes Kmart accepts EBT and food stamps but only for food items. You cannot use food stamps on non-food items at Kmart.

How much would one book of personalized stamps cost at the post office?

One book of stamps can cost approximately $10 at the post office. This will include 20 stamps that are personalized. You can buy larger amounts at $.48 per stamp.

How much is bootsy Collins worth?

About 3.85 cents in food stamps

Does Fresh and Easy accept food stamps?

Yes they do take food stamps they just don't take WIC But they do take EBT and Food Stamps =)

Does Aldis accepts food stamps?

Yes Aldi's does accept food stamps.

Can you buy vitamins with food stamps?

No, you can not buy vitamins or medicine with food stamps.