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How much is a bottle of House of Commons whiskey signed by David Cameron?


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Large bottle between £60-100


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well how much is a bottle of house of commons whiskey worth??

Given the historical value I recon £80 - £100

more than you can afford hahaha but really its alot

it depends on the person buying,to me it's not worth much but it's mabye worth about 700 to some other people i know.

These are available on eBay at £80:00. (That's 80 pounds sterling.) They can be bought from the House of Commons but it's not clear how. Several signed copies have been sold. If it has Tony Blair's signature, the value is more like £500 000 !

On they are going for 60 dollars. But, as the years go by, i'm sure it will go up. Mike Cameron hardly ever does it will go up in value.

By debate in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Laws then have to have 'Royal Assent' (signed by the Queen) but this is only a formality as she has no power to veto the law.

give a gift certificate to good restaurant or send good bottle of wine or brandy

James Cameron has made many films, most notably Titanic and Avatar. He has also directed the Terminator series, Rambo, Aliens, The Abyss, and the television series, Dark Angel. He is currently signed on to create and direct two additional Avatar films.

Based on collections of Presidential Candidate memorabilia, a 20-34 year old uncorked bottle of his wine should go for $850. Based on current availability, likeability, and popularity. Just the bottle may bring as much as $300. And for those lucky enough to have a signed bottle...$1600!

i was checking imdb for the same thing. although James hasn't signed on for either of them, there are plans for a two part prequal of the series.

It says Fun is Infinite" then in the middle SEGA Enterprises" then signed at the bottle the devil or demon god

Great Britain and UK is a parliamentary democracy. Legislation is debated and passed in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Laws then have to have what is known as the Royal Assent ie they have to be signed by the Queen. However, this is just a formality.

There are people that collect Jack Daniels bottles… both empty and full… so the bottle has WAAAYYYY more value than just the $25 that a previous person answered. It doesn't matter that the taste of the whiskey isn't improved over time. What matters is the value of the whiskey as a COLLECTIBLE. Do a web search and find a site for Jack Daniels collectible bottles and you can find out what your bottle is worth. It will depend on if you have the box, the hang tag, if the seal label is intact and what condition all of the above are in. So it could possibly be very valuable. Hope that this helps! ok i am admin of the jack daniels collectors buy n sell page, and i actualy brought the tribute to tennassee bottle , empty but paper seal was carefully removed and necktag came with it in good cond!! i think i got lucky with the price of 25 or 30 bucks!! if it were full and seal was intact i guess ya looking at a 400 dollar bottle sittin on ya shelf!!! oh and just for the last person the responded i was the original poster and the 25 dollar bottle is numbered number 01 signed john nolen sorry bud lol!!! if you like to see pics i invite you to contact me on MH or at cheers..glenn mchale... Australia

i had a code i had two i used one to get signed up and two one to get five friends sorry you have to get your own the best place to get it is a gas station

The Declaration of Independence was written and signed in Pennsylvania and so was the Constitution. The Whiskey Rebellion was in Western Pennsylvania. Lucretia Mott formed the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1833. The Battle of Gettysburg was in 1863.

Who wrote it. Who signed it. When it was writtin. When it was signed. Why it was signed. Where it was signed. Who wanted it signed. Who didn't want it signed.

They don't read wills, did you mean bills? The MP's in the House of Commons makes new laws. These new laws are then known as bills Before these new bills can become law, they are discussed by The House of Lords. They can pass the bill, or return it to the Commons, for ammendmants. When the law is finally passed by both Houses of Parliament, the bills go before HM The Queen, for her signature. When signed by The Queen, they become law.

It was not signed to America it signed to iraq

It was Signed In 60000.

Hey Ya! the Gov. Generals main duty to the symbolize the Queen. By doing so it's his job tosign any bill passed through the House of Commons (if the signature is incomplete then the bill is not into play, but the very second it is signed it becomes law)Call an election when needed (every five years or a vote of non confidence)Mainly to make sure that the power is not being abused in the housse of CommonsHope that helps!

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