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If Piercing Pagoda only uses piercing guns, then they probably don't do cartilage piercings there. Cartilage piercings should never be done with piercing guns, because they can shatter the cartilage and cause all sorts of problems during the healing process (e.g. hypertrophic scarring, infection, etc.).

At The Studio at Painful Pleasures and our sister shop, Body Mod Ink, our piercers use sterile needles for all piercings. The type of cartilage piercing you want determines the price. Here are a few types of cartilage piercings we do and what they currently cost at The Studio:

Cartilage/Helix: $35

Antitragus: $80

Conch: $50

Daith: $45

Daith With Heart-Shaped Ring: $65

Industrial: $50

Industrial With a Titanium Barbell: $60

Rook: $40

Tragus: $40

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You can't get your lip pierced at piercing pagoda. They only pierce cartilages and earlobes.

There is a Piercing Pagoda in the Crossroads Mall in Omaha.

3 or 4 dollars the piercing itself, but with jewelry, it's about 20 dollars.

The main product offered at Piercing Pagoda are earrings. Piercing Pagoda also offers body jewelry. The brick and mortar stores offer ear piercing services as well.

PGDA- The Stock Symbol for Piercing Pagoda. The Necklace was made by and purchased at Piercing Pagoda.

For the most part, Piercing Pagoda is actually keeping the Zale Corporation afloat.

piercings are free u jst have to pay for the earring

It is free when you buy the starter earrings, though I would highly recommend going to Piercing Pagoda, which is also free with earrings.

It depends on what earrings you want. You could spend between $20 and $70

That depends on what part of the ear that you want done. It could be anywhere from $15 to $50 for some ear piercings.Sometimes you don't have to pay for the piercing its just they earrings it depends if u go to Claire's or piercing pagoda.

Well I have heard it is $15.00 for one ear and $30.00 for both ears. But i am not completely sure!

PGDA- The Stock Symbol for Piercing Pagoda. The Necklace was made by and purchased at Piercing Pagoda. It's .925 silver- which means it's sterling silver. Worth about... oh... $50. Maybe.

Many jewelry stores offer free ear piercing with the purchase of earrings, especially in malls. Claire's and Piercing Pagoda are two stores that are known for this feature.

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You can get the handheld ear piercers at stores, but the best is go to your doctor or Piercing Pagoda at some malls.

You can get it pierced at any age with a parents permission. I live in Virginia and the best place to get piercings are at Piercing Pagoda, they will do ANY type of piercing for ANY age !

You need to be over 18 to get anything pierced by yourself. If not, you need a parent/guardian with you.

Any professional peircing studio, like Piercing Pagoda, or Piercing Emporium. Although I don't think any stores like Claires does anything but ears. Also, I think you have to be 14 to get your nose done... at least that's what I've heard.

Seriously? If you aren't mature enough to realize that piercings don't reveal your sexual identity then you aren't mature enough for a piercing. Homosexuals don;t go after people with piercings on certain ears. Get it on whichever side you want.

It's Made of cartiladge

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