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Q: How much is a defective equipment ticket in emporia Virginia?
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How much is a defective equipment ticket cost in Virginia?

It can vary due to what County you were in at the time. In Roanoke Virginia the fine is $30 plus a $51 "processing fee" and $15 "local fee". So the answer, if your ticket was issued in Roanoke Virginia, is $96. If you get the issue corrected within 15 days you can usually have the charges dropped without ever going to court, again that will depend on where you got the ticket.

What happens if you live in sc and get a ticket in Virginia?

You have to resolve the ticket in Virginia and then VA will report it to SC and it will be treated as if you received it in SC.

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BDZ code in a lottery ticket in Virginia simply means that you did not win.

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no it does Not it's The mOst Fastest Ticket Yhu can get ..

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Will you get points on your license as a Ohio resident if i get a speeding ticket in Virginia?

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