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1/8 of an ounce. price wise depends on regions. more so on democrat vs. republican and mostly supply and demand. California might be 600 dollars. where in Mississippi i bet 125-175

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โˆ™ 2012-02-14 03:08:36
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Q: How much is a eight ball of coke?
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How much does an eight ball of coke weight?

depends. it can be as low 2.5 grams to 5 grams

How many grams are in a teener of cocaine?

1,75 grams are in a teener. It takes two teeners to equal a eight ball of coke. A ball of coke weighs 3.5grams

How many grams are in an eight ball of meth?

3.5 grams of meth or coke

How much does an 8 ball of coke cost?

2 million

Price of an eight ball?

an eight ball usually goes for around $170 - $200. Are they talking about an eight ball - dope (i.e. crack?) or an eight ball in pool? An eight ball in dope was about $150 - $175. I have NO idea how much a pool eight ball is.

How much can you make off an 8 ball of coke?

About 6-12 months in state corrections.

How much is in coke?

how much of WHAT is in coke, also coke (beverage) or coke (illegal substance)

How much for an 8 ball of coke?

Around 200, maybe more maybe less depending on where you live

How much an eight ball of cocaine weigh?

401 kilopounds

How much is an eightball?

An "eight ball" is three and a half grams.

What is a 8 ball of Tina?

Coke caine

How much do coke cans weigh?

depends how much coke is in it.

How much does 1 g 1 eight ball cost?


How much does a eight ball of cocaine weight?

3.5 grams

Who invented the eight ball?

who invented eight ball billiards

How much was a can of coke in 1994?

a can of coke was 40p

What colour is the eight ball in pool?

The eight ball is solid black.

How much does an eight ball cost?

it is around 180 to 200 depone how good it is

How much coke is in a coke can?

Check on the bottle rofl.

How much water does coke have?

coke is 99% water

How much coke can you snort?

alot of dam coke

When was Sinking the Eight Ball created?

Sinking the Eight Ball was created in 1998.

When was Eight-Ball Andy created?

Eight-Ball Andy was created in 1948.

What will cocaine do to a cat?

Cat's on coke? Coke will transport a cat to an alternate reality where said cat is Spinderlla Spinnin at the ball

How much money for an eight ball of cocaine?

Most likely 80.00-100.00$$ ... i think