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How much is a gold coin worth?

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That depends on the size and age of the coin. A small, young coin wouldn't be worth more than $200, but an old, large coin would be worth about $200k.

Yes, but ..

It depends on its rarity as well. Some "large old" coins can be very common among collectors and sell for only a bit more than their metal content. You need to know several things -

> What is the coin's date?

> What is its denomination?

> What country issued it?

> How worn is it?

> If it's from a country that uses mint marks, what is its mint mark?

Without those facts it's simply not possible to give a blanket answer. If nothing else, though, they would be worth whatever gold is worth at the moment. It would take more information to determine whether they are worth more than that.

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All gold coins are not worth the same amount of money. The year of the coin makes a huge difference in the amount of money it is worth.

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How much is the 2000 1.00 gold coin worth?

The coin is a Sacagawea dollar, it has no gold and is worth $1.00

How much gold is in a 1911 Indian head two and one half dollar gold coin worth?

The coin has .12094oz of pure gold, the coin is worth $165.40 just for the gold.

How much is canadian gold 20 dollar coin worth?

A Canadian $20.00 gold coin is worth around $400.00

How much is 31Mg of gold worth?


How much is a masonic gold coin worth?

Its value is determined by the worth of the gold it contains.

How much is a 1881 gold coin worth just for the gold?

It depends on which denomination coin you have. A $10 coin has more gold than a $5 coin.

How much would a 14 karat gold coin be worth?

there is no 14k gold coin that i know of.

How much is a British 100 gold sovereign coin worth?

There is no such coin

How much is a troy ounce 999 pure gold liberty coin worth?

How much is a troy ounce .999 pure gold liberty coin worth?

How much is John Tyler gold coin worth?

It's not gold and only worth a dollar.

How much is a 20 franc gold coin worth 1896?

Assuming your coin is in circulated condition, it is worth the gold content in the coin and worth around $252.42 or so at the time of writing.

How much is a 1986 walking liberty gold dollar coin worth?

No such coin

How much is a gold dollar coin worth?

Depends on weight and gold content, scarcity, etc. -specify coin and we have coin experts that can answer.

How much is a 1990 Eisenhower gold commemorative coin worth?

The value of a 1990 Eisenhower gold commemorative coin depends on the condition of the coin. On average the coin would be worth approximately $26.

How much is a 1988 gold panda coin with gold braided coin ring worth?

It is worth its weight in gold. Gold is worth about $1335 an ounce but your ring is probably less than an ounce and is not pure gold but maybe 14k.

How much is a 1980 2 rand gold coin worth?

The R2 gold coin is a bullion coin, meaning that it's not worth much more than the gold it contains. The R2 coin contains 0.2354 fine oz of gold, and with gold currently selling for round about $1050 per fine oz the value of the coin is about R2000.

How much is a 1959 15 gr pure gold 20 pesos Mexican coin worth?

A gold 1959 Mexican 20 Pesos coin contains 0.4823 troy ounces of gold currently worth over $675US, and the coin would probably be worth about that much.

How much is 1978 gold penny worth?

The US does not make gold pennies. The coin you have is gold plated. It is considered an altered coin and therefore is worth only face value.

What is the Tower of London gold coin worth from 1977?

If the coin is actually made from gold, it will be worth whatever the gold content is worth. If it is a coin of gold appearance, it will maybe be worth whatever you paid for it.

How much is gold dollar coin worth?

it depends on how old it is...

How much was a gold eagle coin worth in 1900?

10 $.

How much is the gold Adolf Hitler coin worth?


How much is the gold buffalo tribute coin worth?


How much is a Apollo gold coin collection worth?

7000 €

How much is a 1861 2.50 gold coin worth?


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