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100-450 USD

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Q: How much is a marlin model 92 worth?
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When was marlin 92 with serial 386762 manufactured?

I would date your marlin model 92 to the year 1907.

What is the age of a marlin model 92 serial number 400892 with the marlin fire arms co on the barrel?

85 years

What is a Winchester model 92 25-20 worth?

It depends on conditions and rye of 92

Will the Marlin 22 caliber model 98 or 39 magazine fit the 92?

Yes, there is a kit available which fits Marlin Lever action rimfires from 1891 thru 1939.

When was marlin model 92 with serial 410419 manufactured?

I know that you can check with they may help you identify when your unit was manufactured.

How much is a Larry bird 91-92 fleer basketball card worth?

How much is magic johnson 91-92 fleer basketball card worth

What is a Marlin 92 serial 412035 worth?

Impossible to answer without knowing the condition. Digital photos would help, you can send them to us at:

When was model 92 sn 361994 manufactured?

With the last recorded and dated serial number for your rifle being 355,300 in 1906,I would have to say that your marlin model 1892 was probably made in 1907.

When was Marlin Model 92 with serial 988623 manufactured?

Too many numbers in that serial number! A model 92 with a serial number in the 98xxx range would be dating to 1894, but they never made any in the 98xxxx range. Maybe you accidentally added an extra digit?

What is a baretta 9mm model fs 92 worth?

100-1000 USD depending on specifics

How much is pale yellow sea glass worth?

its about $92

How much is a model 92 Winchester rifle worth serial?

Please include the serial number with your question,as this will determine the age of your rifle.The age and condition of your rifle determines the value.