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Do you already have ductwork or will it be part of the job?

If you do have it then will you be upgrading the furnace too, if yes with what 80% 90%,95%?

What SEER AC unit,what model? Cheapo builders grade or top of line?

Do you have available electric service in your panel or will that need upgrading?

Ok, you get the idea now so I`ll stop here.

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Q: How much is a new 5 ton central unit and installation?
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How much to charge a new central air unit?

New central ac units come precharged from the factory.

Who is responsible for water damages caused by a faulty central air unit drain pan?

Home insurance Company, unless it is a new installation. Then the contractor`s insurance Company

Where did Christo and Jean- Claude locate their temporary installation The Gates?

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Where did Christo and Jean-Claude locate their temporary installation The Gates?

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Is the installation of air con a leasehold improvement?

If the unit is new and installed onto the building, yes.

How much does a carpet installation cost?

I was thinking about buying new carpet. How much, on average, would a carpet installation cost me?

How much does a contactor cost on a home ac unit?

To purchase a home AC you buy the unit and that includes installation. Depending on the unit it will cost from 8,000 and up. I just recently put a new one on the house and the entire cost was 12,000, but I also replaced the ducts.

How much does our cost to replace pcm in dodge caravan?

Here in Central New York, as of Nov 2012 rthe cost is around $100 just to flash the unit

What websites will tell me about central air conditioners?

I need to get a new air conditioning unit for my apartments. Where can I find out more about central air conditioners online?

How much is a transmission in a 1988 S10?

Standard or automatic? New or used? With installation? Your location?

How to install a Central Air Conditioning System?

Most new homes in the United States are built with central air conditioning systems installed during their construction. While many older homes do not have these systems, it is not difficult to install a central air conditioning system. The first step in installing a system is deciding which system is appropriate for the buyer’s needs. Central air conditioning systems typically consist of an outside unit which includes the condenser and compressor, an inside unit which contains the evaporator, and the ducts and pipes in the home that distribute the cold air to the different rooms in the building. Choosing which system is appropriate depends on the size of the area being cooled, the amount of power available to power the system, and the homeowner’s budget. Once the system has been chosen, the first step in installing the system is to install the ducts that will distribute the air inside the house. This is the most time-consuming part of the installation, and will take much longer than the actual installation of the unit. The typical homeowner will need to hire a contractor to install the ducts and central air unit, since installing a central air conditioning unit requires specialized knowledge in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is also important to note that in many states, the person installing the central air conditioning system must be certified or accredited by the state in which the home is located. Another important note for the homeowner is that in many states, handling the refrigerants used in the air conditioning unit requires a special certification from the state. Once the ducts and vents have been installed, the next step in installing the central air conditioning system is to install the air handler unit. It is important to make sure the power is turned off to the house before the installation of the air handler unit is started. This component is typically installed in either the basement or attic of the house. Next install the compressor unit of the central air conditioning system. It is important to make sure the compressor is placed on a base which is level, and that the immediate area surrounding the compressor is empty. Once the compressor is installed and level, connect the compressor and air handler unit to the main power unit of the house. The final step of the installation is to install and connect the thermostat unit that will control the air conditioning unit. It is now time to turn power back on and check to make sure the unit is working properly. If the unit does not work properly, consult a licenced contractor for help in fixing any issues.

How much does new air conditioning services cost?

There are a variety of aspects that go into getting a new air conditioning unit. First, It depends where you are getting it from, Sears will tell you what size you need but they try to sell you the most expensive unit and they're installation costs a little. I would check to see if you have any local businesses. It also depends on what size you house is and how big the unit is you need. Hope this helps!