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How much is a one cent planchet worth?


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Blank planchets for Lincoln cents are not as rare as you might think. With all the billions of coins produced, these blanks are pretty common at coin shows.

They regularly sell for about a dollar apiece.

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$1 or so if it's a current copper-plated zinc planchet, $2 or $3 if it's an older planchet made of solid bronze. A zinc planchet will weigh 2.5 gm while a solid bronze one will weigh 3.11 gm.

It's worth exactly one cent.

One cent, it's not old enough to be worth any more.

i think it is worth 20 dollars for each cent from neverland

It's still worth exactly one cent in Canada.

It was worth one cent. Adjusting for inflation, that's about 8 cents in 2017.

here can I get avalue on the one cent of 1570

If it is a US one cent, it is worth at least a dollar. If the condition is really nice it would be worth 5 or 10 dollars.

It's worth one cent, though the penny has since been discontinued in Canada.

A bent penny is worth 1 cent. Not very much. It's possible that it's not even worth one cent because it's bent.

one cent is worth 0.01 dollars

It's worth exactly one cent.

It's still worth one cent.

It is worth it's face value, one cent.

It is worth one cent unless it is uncirculated?

It's still worth exactly one cent.

As much as someone is willing to pay for it today.

You will need to clarify some points in order to get an answer to your question. In 1920 there were two designs of cents made, small cent, and large cent. Both of them are around the one dollar mark unless they are a very high grade. Now, if indeed you have a Large cent design, struck on a small cent planchet, then I would suggest you join a site where you can post a photo and let some experts look at your coin. I have never seen a large cent struck on a different planchet before, so I have an inkling it could be very valuable if it is indeed legitimate. I will suggest you stop by a website (such as the one listed further down this page, under Related Links) where pictures can be posted. There are several members there quite educated in this series and perhaps they will be able to give you a better idea on the value after you post a picture.

I have one too, and I saw a 10 cent euro was $1.35

oh, yes. it should be worth a bit, if not a lot. i'm no antique specialist*, but a silver penny is not something you see everyday, so, yea, it should be worth something. You probably have either a 1943 Steel Cent that is in such poor condition that the date is not clear or a 1948 cent that has been plated or coated with a silver-colored substance. Either of these is worth one cent. You MAY have a cent that was struck on a dime planchet. In this case, it will be far thinner and lighter than a normal cent. This error would be worth from $10 to ???, depending on its condition. (*) Obviously...

1 penny is worth one cent, regardless of when it was created.

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