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A peck is 1/4 of a bushel. In dry measure it is 8 quarts.

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Q: How much is a peck?
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How much is one peck of potatoes?

peck of potatoes?

How much does a peck of tomatoes weight?

1 Imperial peck = 9.09218 litres 1 U.S. peck = 8.80977 litres

How much is a peck of peppers?

The price of a peck of peppers is primarily placed by production amounts.

How much wood can a woodpecker peck if a woodpecker would peck wood?

About 15 pounds

How many quarts in a peck?

There are 9.3 quarts in a peck.

How much does a peck of clams weigh?

How much a peck of clams weighs depends on the type of clam. A peck of soft shelled clams will weigh a between 12 and 13 pounds. A peck of hard shelled clams will weigh about 15 pounds.

How much wood would a wood pecker peck if a wood pecker wood peck wood?

a wood pecker would peck as much as a wood pecker could, if i would pecker could peck wood. but isn't it a wood chuck?

How much wood do woodpeckers peck?

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How much peck in a bussell?

thank you

What is the odd one out of a perch peck chain and fathom?


How much corn is in a peck?

14 pounds

How much does one peck of seed weigh in pounds?

One peck of grain is equivalent to two gallons or 8 quarts so it's hard to say exactly how much one peck weighs in pounds. It depends on the type of grain.

How much is a bushel and a peck in liters?

1 US bushel is 35.24 liters. One US peck is 8.81 liters.

How much wood would a wood-peck chuck if a wood-peck could Chuck Norris?

All of it..

How much is in a peck?

A peck is a unit of dry volume, used in dry measurement in the United States. A peck is equal to two dry gallons, eight dry quarts, or sixteen dry pints.

What sound does a woodpecker make?

peck peck peck

What is bigger peck or pint?

Peck is bigger

Why does your budgie peck you?

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Is Ethan peck related to Gregory peck?

Yes! Ethan Peck was the grandson of Gregory Peck

How much does a peck of quahog clams weigh?

8.64 lbs

Is josh peck and Ethan peck related?

No. Ethan Peck is an actor, grandson of the legendary Gregory Peck. Josh peck is an actor as well, but there is no relation.

How much does a peck of water weigh?

A peck is a unit of dry measure, but it is still possible to answer the question, because a peck occupies a specific amount of space. 1 peck [US] = 2.327 294 378 gallon [US, liquid] And one US gallon weighs 8.34 pounds, so a peck of water weighs 19.41 pounds.

What is the abbreviation is for peck?


Is Josh Peck single?

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How much does a peck of pears weigh?

A peck is a very old English unit of measuring volume, it is equal to two imperial gallons or sixteen pints.