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How much is a pro baseball player paid?


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Pro Baseball players in 2007 had a minimum total salary of 2.5million dollars


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It depends on how good they are.......

A pro gets paid around 750,000 a game.

Since pro baseball players were paid much less back in the 1900's... many people think that they are paid too much. The average pro baseball salary is 12 million dollars, acording to U.S. baseball. So the answer is YES.

They are not payed for each home run. They are paid a yearly salary that is negotiated.

A Professinal baseball gets payed a lot of money and just to let all you people know they are billionares.

Please re-phrase this question. There is no longivity requirement to be a "professional" baseball player. To be a "pro", one must only be paid a salary to play baseball.

There is no such thing as a midfielder in baseball. I believe that is a position in soccer.

In Germany, pro players don't get paid as much in the NBA, because there is not as much money to command from. They are paid 75% of the minimum NBA salary in beer.

The losing team gets paid $25,000 for each player , and the winning team gets $50,000 for each player.

3 million for girls and they are on tv not sure about guys

Josh M is a 29 years old guy who is a former pro baseball player.

they get paid as much as the players win the game.

they get paid as much as the players win the game

It can be anywhere from 100,000 to 30 million a year matters on the skills of the player

The pro baseball player has plenty of benefits. They have the money, the cars, the clothes, and even the stylish jewelery. They get paid for doing something that doensnt take brains. do they even have a good education though?

i think pro singers like me get paid 120 dollars per hour

To be a pro baseball player in takes heart, determination, skill, plenty of hard work, and perserveriance

Josh M is a former pro baseball player who lives in Tampa, FL.

The average professional racquetball player earns approximately $40,000 annually.

It depends, not all players get paid the same. Although per year they get about,000.

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