How much is a psp cost at Gamestop?

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it costs $170 at gamestop it costs $250

i saw the oficial gamestop psp 3000 case at gamestop for about 2 $

they start from around $19.99 buy one AT GAMESTOP.

A PSP system costs around $169 at Wallmart or Gamestop.

PSP System 2000 Black - ReCharged Refurbished69.99$If it is the PSP Go then$199.99That is the best I can do.Thank you.

$200 plus tax and tax is 16 dollars

how much money will i get if i sell my psp 1001

PSP's go for $100-200$

Is it a PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSPGo or the PSVita? New Or Used

$130.00 at gamestop for a pre-owned,but gamestop is cheap if you trade it back in :(

Gamestop will sell a PSP in refurbished condition for $100 and a PS2 in refurbished condition goes for $60-70 depending on the model. They need to make a profit, pay for round trip shipping and handling on the unit to be repaired and also the cost to refurbish it That does not leave much for them to pay you for your PSP or PS2.

sir, what is the cost of psp in pakistan.

a psp cost 100-200 dollars.

when is the psp 4000 iwish coming out to stores and how much will it cost for it?

a psp is around $99 at gamestop im want one its so cool specialiy the dark Vader i hate the game call of duty black ops

Sony PlayStation Portable Slim PSP-3000, Piano Black is $129.99 at Walmart, Gamestop, Target and Amazon on May 11 2012

no, but you can sell it on you may not get much for it though

$16, your better of at a pawn shop

They wont, and if they do you may get $2.50.

psp 3000 cost about $200.00-$250.00

PSP Slims cost $130 at Walmart

You would get about 75 dollars if you trade in a psp 3000 if not about 70 dollars.