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Q: How much is a ring worth that's stamped bge 925?
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How much is my wedding ring set worth with 925 stamped inside it?

How much is this ring worth it has 925 stamped inside it

How much is your ring stamped w Germany worth?

Germany ring how much. Its. Worth?

How much is a ring stamped 825 worth?

I have a tungsten ring with that making and it was about 30$

What is the numbers 823 stamped on rings mean?

I have a ring that has ZC 823 on it is it real? If so about how much would it be worth?

What is a ring worth with 14KP stamped on it?

If you really want to know, take it to a jeweler. The worth of the ring depends on a lot of factors, not just what it has "stamped on it."

What does MCI stamped in inside band of a ring also stamped 14k mean?

It stands for Monetary Conditions Index. I know very little on the subject, but it is relevant with the economic worth of the ring.

What does a et stamp mean on the inside of a whitegold diamond ring?

i have a ring thats white gold with 14K stamped along with ET inside of a circle stamped and also the number 25, what do these stamps mean, im especially curious of what ET means

How much is a ring stamped 18KGER SC worth?

The value of a ring marked 18KGER SC would depend on the current market price of gold, the weight of the ring, and any added value due to design or gemstones. To determine its worth accurately, it's recommended to have the ring appraised by a professional jeweler or gold buyer.

How much is my frazzle dazzle ring worth?

How much is my frazzle dazzle ring worth

Is your ring real if has NV stamped on it?

Your ring is real no matter what is stamped on it.

What does Thailand stamped on a ring mean?

what does thailand mean stamped in a ring

What does the letters RSG stamped in a ring stand for and mean?

The letters RSG stamped on a ring means that the ring was preassembled. Any gems in the ring that is stamped RSG have not been certified.