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How much is a signed Babe Ruth R1935 bat worth with authenticity certificate?


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Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger 125 Model R1935 Baseball BatWhat you have is a 1980s reproduction of a Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger 125 Model 1935 Baseball Bat. During the 1980's Louisville Slugger issued these replicas of Babe Ruth's last style bat, and stamped R 1935 on the knob (R for Ruth). The original Babe Ruth bat would not have had the year stamped on the knob. The majority of these were sold through a mail order company called J. Petterman and listed at around $100. Yes. The same J. Petterman catalogue featured on the television comedy series Seinfeld.

Value is based on past auctions and sales. From the past data I have collected the bat is worth about $55. - $125. in excellent - near mint condition This signature model bat is not "Signed" but features a facsimile Babe Ruth signature.

I will include a link below for pictures and information below (Realated Links)

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it depends if it has a certificate of authenticity if it does it could be worth 20 k plus

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It's worth about $75. If you tried to sell it on eBay with no certificate of authenticity, you'd be lucky to get half of that. Source: Huge memorabilia and card collector

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it depends on if you have proof of an authentic autograph. You would need a certificate of authenticity to get its full value of $150-300. If you had a picture of the signing it would also be usefull.

The "certificate of authenticity" wasn't from the Mint. It's really only worth the paper it's printed on because 1962 halves are quite common among collectors and the likelihood of counterfeiting is minuscule. However, the coin itself is worth something because of its silver content. Please see the Related Question.

A Christine Lassen painting is worth anywhere from $2,500.00 to $20,000.00. However, beware of fake pictures. The real ones will have a certificate of authenticity.

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It depends on what company issues the certificate of authenticity. If it is a Steiner Sports Marketing product it should be worth around $175 for an 8x10 or $250 for a 16x20. If you have a certificate issued by a company nobody has ever heard of the value plummets as the certificate isn't worth the paper it is printed on. No name company could be worth as little as $50.

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It can be worth any were from $20 - $40 it would be a bit more expensive if you can get a certificate of authenticity for it and if it was actually used in battle.

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