How much is a small Brooklyn Dodgers pennant worth?

More information would be needed to give an accurate value on your mini pennant. The Size of the mini pennant could help in figuring out the year of the pennant, and who made or sold it. The pennant could be a Premium mini pennant offered by a candy company in a special offer for example. A 1936-37 Red Ball Sales Company Premium Brooklyn Dodgers mini pennant, that simply reads Dodgers, with a bat glove, and ball design to the left is worth about $30.-$50. The pennant is 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" in size. Vintage pennants are difficult to date to a specific season. Many pennants were for sale at the ballparks for several years in a row. Team logo's and artwork could help in dating. Often team will use the same artwork on other souvenirs like programs, and yearbooks making it possible to date to a specific year. See Related links below for more information on the mini pennant mentioned above. There are also other vintage pennants with pictures to help you identify your pennant.