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Q: How much is a unopened pack of pre World War 2 Lucky Strike cigarettes worth?
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What was a typical meal in world war 2?

Lucky Strike cigarettes and Mars bars!

What is the costliest cigarette holder in the world?

Luxury tobacco products are not anything new. When trying to come up with a list of expensive cigarettes, Dunhill, or Treasurer may come to mind. But Lucky Strike brought a whole meaning to an expensive pack of cigarettes by introducing this one-off pack in 2006. Lucky Strike commissioned one pack of smokes to be produced that proudly boasts 18ct white gold package that displays one large diamond and one large ruby.The most expensive pack of cigarettes was on display European airports in 2006 and also will have less expensive "look alike" packs for sale in the selected airports. This pack of cigarettes has a value of $100,000 and is intended to boost the iconic design and profile the Lucky Strike brand. Founded in 1871, the Lucky Strike logo has become internationally recognizable and easily marketable.

Was there an ammunition factory in the U.S. in World War 2?

Everywhere, for example IBM and most other typewriter manufacturers converted most of their typewriter factories to making M-1 Garaund rifles and other guns. Auto and tractor manufactures converted much of their factories to making tanks and parts for fighters and bombers. Lucky Strike cigarettes quit using green ink on their package labels because the pigment was based on copper and switched to red ink, they made that a big patriotic selling point of the war "Lucky Strike green has gone to war... buy Lucky Strike red".

What is the world record for packed cigarettes?

About 4789

Are you looking for branded cigarettes?

No I am not looking for branded cigarettes but if I were there are quite a few named brands available around the world.

Where in the world does smallpox strike?

It can strike ANYWHERE, but manly before it was announced that the world was free of smallpox it was in India,China,And Europe

What are the release dates for World's Smallest Strike - 2012?

World's Smallest Strike - 2012 was released on: USA: November 2012

How did smoking become popular in America?

In World War I the doughboys were provided cigarettes. Prior to that Cigars were preferred over cigarettes.

What was the year the World Series was cancelled due to a players strike?

The player's strike cancelled the World Series for the 1994 season.

What are the most expensive cigarettes in the world?

The most expensive cigarettes are Treasurer's, distributed by the Chancellor Company. they sells for bout 35-50 dollars per pack of 20.

Are there carp cigarettes?

I've never heard of cigarettes made with fish, but it's a big crazy world so you never know.

What did the government call cigarettes in World War 1?