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how much is a mink pelt worth? (other person) This all depends upon the quality of the fur, how damaged the coat is, and the length of the coat. If it is in very good condition, long, and no visible damage, about 4,500 to 6,000 American dollars.

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What would a mink coat be worth?

I was givena long blackEmelio Gucci mink coat(used) as a gift.It is in excellent condition even hanging on the original hanger which says Antonovich Ltd.It is small/medium.What is the best price I can get?

Where can you sell a used ranch mink coat?


How much can you sell your used mink coat for?

One dalla make ya halla but foreal a dollar

What is tourmaline mink?

Tourmaline mink refers to the type of coloring that a mink has. A tourmaline mink has a light colored coat, with beige tones. Tourmaline can also refer to the color or shade of a mink fur that is used for clothing.

Where to sell a used fur coat in Cleveland Ohio?

who can i sell my mink coats to in cleveland

Where to sell a used mink fur coat in new york?

dont sell give to the poor and needy

How mink are used for cooking?


Are mink and fur one in the same?

Mink is an animal and is used for it's fur, but there are many other animal furs.

How much is your car worth if it is totalled?

It is worth how much of it can be re-used

What is the most widely used fur in the fashion industry?


You would like to know where you can sell a brown mink coat size 14?

You have a couple of options. Not really good ones because of the potential age and style of the coat and the color of the mink. All of these factors can "date" the coat and make it less desirable. If you have had the coat appraised recently you are aware that the value for mink is not what it used to be. So, with realistic expectations, choice #1, take it to a consignment store and let them try to sell it. Yes they take a chunk of the profit but you are not answering your ads or dealing with strangers or not getting paid. Choice #2, which I am surprised to endorse because of the great experience I had, put it on Graig's list. You can list for free and list only in your area. Take photo of coat to put with your ad. You may be surprised at the number of E-mail responses you get. You don't have to give your phone number or location until you feel comfortable with it. Make sure you are clear that it is a "cash and carry" sale. Take no checks. Worst that can happen is that no one wants the coat in which case you can donate it to a good cause!

What is lunaraine mink?

Lunaraine mink is a type of fur. It is commonly used to make expensive full length fur coats. It is genuine and all natural.

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What animal is related to the mink and is used for hunting rabbits and rats?

The Domestic Ferret has been used for centuries for hunting rabbits (ferreting - still practiced in Europe) and rodent control (until chemical poisoning), and is related to the Mink

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How much fur is used a year?

More than 50 million animals are killed for fur each year. Many of these are rabbit, mink, fox and other animals.

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What are the special features of mink?

The minks fur is very special and popular because it is used to make many things and there even happens to be many large scaled mink farming as well...

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