How much is a yard of dirt?

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More accurately, it's a cubic yard.
  • A cubic yard is a unit of volume. It tells you how much space something occupies. Picture in your head a box that measures three feet on each edge. The space inside that box measures one cubic yard.
  • A cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. One cubic foot holds about 7.5 gallons. So, the box above can hold over 200 gallons of liquid -- assuming it is waterproof and won't leak all over the place.
  • If you wish to know how much a cubic yard of dirt weighs, well, that's another kettle of fish. (I'm not sure what system of units the kettle of fish belongs to, but that's an answer to another question.)
  • The weight of a cubic yard of dirt can vary greatly depending upon how much water is in it and how well packed it is. Moist topsoil weighs about 90 pounds per cubic foot, so a yard of it will weigh about 2400 pounds, more or less.
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How much does dirt weigh?

\n. \n How Much Does Dirt Weigh \n. \n. \nThere are lots of variables. Is it sandy, loamy, clay or mixture? Is it saturated with water or very dry? There is a very wide range, but I would expect it to weigh about 4-5 pounds a cubic foot, with a variability of several pounds either way.\n. ( Full Answer )

How much are Yz85 dirt bikes?

It all depends on condition it is If its new it going to be alot but some used ones can be as low as 1,000

How do i keep the dirt in my yard from washing away?

Answer . A silt fence will help to stop large loss by water run off, but the fence will stop the mud at the fence boundary; you might try planting ground cover plants whose roots will help hold the soil in place.

How much is a yard?

There is 36 inches that equal to a yard. 36 inches, 1 yard, or 90 centimeters.

How many yards in a ton of dirt?

A cubic foot of dirt is about 100 pounds. To fill a ton, 20 wouldbe needed, but to fill a cubic yard, 27 would be needed. As such, aton of dirt would only fill about .74 cubic yards.

How much does dirt cost?

I say its about $12.00 or $13.00. You can check in a store like in Walmart or where you get plants.

How many yards of dirt equal one ton of dirt?

1 yard of dirt = 1.45 tons of dirt. The above is a function guideline, but it really depends on the type of dirt in question, and how wet that dirt is. For baseball dirt I like to use 1 yard = 1.3 tons

How much does a yard of dirt weigh?

There is no exact way to determine how much a yard of dirt willweigh. It really depends on the content of the dirt.

How much does a cubic yard of dirt cover?

It depends on sevaral factors.. 1. How thick the dirt is. 2. How compact the dirt is.. Just a rule of thumb. (per cubic yard). 3 inches deep will cover an area 5.5' x 20'. 6 inches deep will cover an area 5.5' x 10'. 1' deep with cover an area of about 5.5' x 5'

How much does 8 yards of dirt cover?

Depends on how deep you want the soil to be... 4" is a pretty good soil depth (in my opinion).... So, converting from cubic yards to cubic feet... 8 cu.yds x 27 ft/cu. yd = 256 cu. ft. We'll spread the dirt 4" (0.33'). 256 cu.ft/ 0.33 ft = 775.75 sq. ft. ========. Hope this helps!!

Weight of 1 cubic yard of dirt?

Depends on the type of dirt, what kind of yard you are using, etc... Generally, it will be a couple pounds or so.

How many pounds does a yard of dirt weigh?

This answer will vary depending on what type of dirt it is, if it is a yard high, or a yard long, or whether there are particles in the dirt that will cause it to be heavier, such as water. But a normal yard high of dirt and I am assuming this as if it is a yard long and high, would be about ten to ( Full Answer )

How much does 1000 cubic yards of fill dirt cover?

There are twenty-seven cubic feet in a cubic yard. So, you'd have 27,000 cubic feet in 1000 cubic yards. Assuming you leave each cubic foot intact and since there are 43,560 square feet in an acre then you'd be able to cover over half an acre. At only 6" deep you'd cover over an acre.

Yards of dirt?

A 'yard' is a cubic measure of material 3 x 3 x 3 feet. Commonly used in landscaping and materials such as sands, soils and small stone delivery. A cubic yard is actually quite a lot of sand or soil - and would fill about 10-12 garden wheel barrows. A 'yard' is also used as a common measurement of ( Full Answer )

How many cubic yards of dirt per ton?

There would be about 3.704 cubic yards of dirt per every ton. Thisnumber has been rounded up from nine decimal places to six.

How much is a dirt bike?

A dirt bike can have a price range depending on how good it is for a small bike $570 large your looking at about $99,99.

How much dirt do you eat in a lifetime?

When your a kid sometimes you eat dirt on a dare or just to see what it tastes like but after that hopefully you don't eat dirt. The above answer is fairly correct yet many people eat dirt also by not washing foods properly. It is not a great amount yet it is a factor. People do not have an exac ( Full Answer )

How much do dirt bikes cost?

Depends on what you are looking for. Used or new, small or large, woods or motocrosser. You can pick up a decent used dirt bike for as little as $1500, while new race bikes can run close to, and some over, $10,000.

How much dirt is 18 tons?

36,000 pounds, aprox 20 cubic yds. 20 cubic yards spread out at 2 inches will cover. 3200 square feet. hope that helps.

How much is fill dirt by the cubic yard?

My suggestion is not to buy fill dirt but to go to a local construction site and pick some up there. Waste dirt is usually left over from leveling the land to build. A foreman/site manager might just let you have all the dirt you would like.

Yards of dirt in a dump truck?

Need to know the specifics of the dump truck you had in mind. Tandem axle dumps in the company I work for... if they have a 'dirt tub' body, they can carry 16 cubic yards. The ones with the 'rock tub' dump bodies can carry 15 cubic yards.

How much dirt in a square yard?

You can measure the surface of the dirt in square yards. That would be nine square feet. However the volume or amount of dirt cannot be measured in square yards or square feet. The amount of dirt in a volume of one cubic yard would be 27 cubic feet. ( 3x3x3=27 ) The amount of dirt in a squar ( Full Answer )

How much dirt is 60 yards of dirt?

When a person speaks of a ' yard ' of dirt, sand, cement or similar material, they actually mean a ' cubic yard '. A yard is a measurement of length. A cubic yard is a measurement of volume. 60 (cubic) yards of dirt is the equivalent of 1,620 cubic feet of dirt. One cubic yard is measured as a ( Full Answer )

How much is 6 yards of dirt?

I just got seven cubic yards of dirt and it was a dump truck load. It was a couple tons. A cubic foot is aout 100 pounds. So figure 900 pounds per cubic yard. If you are figuring that the dirt you received was 100lbs per cubic foot, than a cubic yard, which is 27 cubic feet, would weigh 2700lbs. So ( Full Answer )

What kind of dirt do you use to level yard?

You can use topsoil. If you live in a city or town, you can have it trucked in and poured onto your yard, provide you have hired landscapers and payed for the soil and trucking in the meantime.

How much dirt is in a hole that is 1m1m1m?

there can be infinite or uncountable no. of holes as there is no size limits of dirts , so we can't count there no.s they may be inthe order of 10^53 or more

How much dirt does a worm eat?

The worms actually don't eat the dirt they will eat almost anything, but they do not eat any dirt, some stuff that they eat are: newspaper fruits and veggies (maybe dead bugs i am not sure) Then there poo make a good fertalizer

How much oil for a dirt bike?

Quality depending. a good branded quart of oil is priced around 15-20$. One thing you CANNOT cheap out on is oil.

How much will 4 yards of dirt cover?

If applied 1 foot deep it will cover 108 square feet. If applied 6 inches deep it will cover 216 square feet. It all depends on how thick you apply it.

How much dirt is a liter of dirt?

A liter is a measurement of volume, so a liter of dirt is a liter of dirt. 1 liter = 1000 milliliters.

How much cubic yards of dirt do you need to fill a pick up truck f150?

First, the term "dirt" is way too vague. -it could be any of a number of types of soils,sands or rock, all of differing density . - An F-150 has a bed volume of approximately 2 cu yards. If you filled that level with standard, dry topsoil it will weigh approximately 2,000 pounds. Average building ( Full Answer )

How much does 1000 yard of dirt cost in Connecticut?

I very much doubt anyone sells "dirt" - Landscape companies and thelike sell various grades of sand or soil . You need to specefy exactly what you want,and I'm pretty sure "dirt" will not be on their list.