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Q: How much is bta to travel from South Africa to New York City?
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What is the larger city in New york?

johanesburg south Africa

How long does it take to travel from new york to south africa?

Approximately 20 hours.

What is the distance from New York City and Johannesburg South Africa?

12 765 kilometres.

Is Johannesburg a capital city or not?

Johannesburg is not the capital city of any country, but is the biggest city in South Africa. It would be the same situation as New York in America.

How many air miles between New York City and Johannesburg South Africa?

7 932 miles

Where does Britain import coal from?

Many countries including Europe and Australia.

Before the canal was built a ship traveling from San francisco to New York city would need to travel?

Before the Panama Canal, a ship would need to travel all the way south to the southern tip of Chile in South America and then north to New York City. See the related link for a picture.

How far is South Rim Grand Canyon from New York City?

South Rim Grand Canyon is approximately 3989.1 kms from New York. It would take about 1 day and 15 hours to reach New York from South Rim Grand Canyon. What a long time to travel.

Do you travel north or south to get from Pennsylvania to Washington DC?

Travel south. (Southeast from Pittsburgh, South from Harrisburg/Gettysburg/York, and Southwest from Philadelphia!)

How can one travel to Broadway in New York City?

There are a number of ways that one can travel to Broadway in New York City. One can fly or take a train to New York City and then take a cab to reach Broadway.

What are 2 cities found by dutch?

Two cities founded by the Dutch are New Amsterdam (now known as New York City) and Cape Town in South Africa.

What is capital city that is south of New York?

Harrisburg, the capital city of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is located south of New York State.